Amazing Flight of a B-17 Bomber

The American Can-Do Spirit!
On June 16, 1943, in the Asian-Pacific theater of the Second World War, a lone unescorted B-17 American bomber, on a crucial mapping mission, found itself surrounded by 17 Japanese Zero fighter planes. Whereas typical aerial dogfights last a minute, the B-17 survived a 45-minute dogfight. This is an animation reënactment of what happened.
This incident was the most highly decorated mission by an American air crew in the Second World War.
H/t beloved fellow FS!

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10 years ago

Couldn’t stop watching this once it started,made me cry,made me laugh and made me DAMN PROUD!! the “Fraud” in the white house couldn’t hold a candle to these men. Too bad these liberals cannot understand why they are free to spew their trash. We owe our Veterans and Soldiers infinite gratitude. {Forever}

10 years ago
Reply to  tina

Damn straight! 🙂

Bill Olivito
10 years ago

Magnificent courage under fire and a mission accomplished with true grit and guts!

10 years ago

Absolute strength and bravery by these men! True heroes!!