Altanta News Coverage Has a Different Report of Hearing Outcome

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No Obama in court, no ‘birther’ ruling

This story and video about the hearing yesterday takes the usual “birthers are idiots” stance in reporting on Obama’s status regarding ballot eligibility and being a natural born citizen.  Interesting that the Atlanta-Constitution does not allow for comments.    ~LTG

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0 responses to “Altanta News Coverage Has a Different Report of Hearing Outcome

  1. I thought the same thing LTG.

  2. We here in Atlanta refer to it as the Al-Jazeera Urinal Constipation, which is almost as bad as the NYT.
    I use it only in my charcaol chimney and for house breaking puppies, as that is all it’s good for.
    Oh, and I hear it works for fishwrap, too.
    Local newsradio did a pretty decent job of covering it, and Rusty Humphries spent a fair amount of time discussing it on his local radio show, too.

  3. Hey guys, the Obama Court (no show) is of strong interest through the nation….I am in West Texas and I would like up-dates. If Obama violated the Judge’s orders to appear…what is the judge doing about it . If Atlanta let’s this guy be ‘ ABOVE THE LAW ‘ we are all in serious trouble.


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