Allen West Wants Obama’s Passport Records

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West said that on March 8, 2010.

On November 2, 2010, Allen West was elected to represent Florida’s District 22 in the House of Representatives.

Allen West now does have to opportunity to “sit with Obama” and ask to see his passport records. As a member of Congress, Allen West can also sponsor a bill or at least an initiative to subpoena Obama’s passport records.

Allen West has been getting plaudits and approval from conservatives. But I think it is time for him to go beyond mere rhetoric.

H/t beloved fellow Tina.


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4 responses to “Allen West Wants Obama’s Passport Records

  1. am sending this to Allen West to remind him. The last person to have this passport was killed. Allen West knows how to handle muslims.

  2. Does anyone know if Mr. West intends to run for president in 2012. Someone told me he was but I haven’t seen anything about it. That would be a good thing though. Someone let me know yea or nay please. Thx.

  3. Thank you. That’s what I thought. Oh well. Whattaya gonna do, eh? Have a nice week!


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