Allen West – The Fight is Now – 3/20/2011

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Allen West speaks at the South Florida 9-12 org’s 2 year anniversary picnic. Insufficient, gutless leaders and their tactics were called out, and standing orders to vote for principled candidates and hold them accountable were reinforced.
Btw, “crosshair target” stickers were placed on some cars at this patriotic event, proving that liberal violent rhetoric is indeed alive and well.


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0 responses to “Allen West – The Fight is Now – 3/20/2011

  1. Hey Congress!! Listen up! Allen West speaks for Americans-he is a True Patriot.

  2. Here is what your Congressman should really look like. Listening to all the flimflam that goes on,sometimes it is forgotten. Wonder if he would do training for the House? Especially,the Speaker.

  3. Wow, a man who not only knows how to use the word “statesman” but also actually understands what it means and is endeavoring to live it.

  4. Not always, but the military does produce great leaders. You can tell West spent his entire career fighting for something… the US constitution. Now he appears to be fighting for even a more noble cause, the American people’s voice.
    Unlike Obama whom is tele-scripted, West speaks from the heart and his love of our country. I would really like to have him challenge Obama in 2012, as West would crush him in debates and expose him for the hack that he is.
    The media can not touch West’s experience and leadership… and above all, he completely nullifies any racial cards the pundits attempt to play in 2012.

  5. Man, I pray West runs in 2014!!

    Three top female officials in the Obama administration reprise roles they played in the council’s recent action on Libya: U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Susan Rice, a vehement critic of Israel, urges that the United States support (or at least not veto) the Palestinians’ gambit. She is supported by the senior director for multilateral affairs at the National Security Council, Samantha Power, who in the past argued for landing a “mammoth force” of American troops to protect the Palestinians from Israel. Ditto Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, whose unalloyed sympathy for the Palestinian cause dates back at least to her days as first lady.


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