Allen West Calls Libs Out On “Racist” Lie

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Hooray for Congressman Allen West (R-Florida)!!!

He speaks the truth, calling Obama a Marxist socialist because of the latter’s fomenting of class warfare.

West also confronts the standard left-wing tactic of calling “racist” any one who disagrees with them. West says, according to liberals, “I’ve been a racist all my life because I’m not part of their 21st century plantation.”

H/t Trevor Loudon and Patriot Action Network.


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5 responses to “Allen West Calls Libs Out On “Racist” Lie

  1. Gotta say it, I love this man…get him in the WH please!!

  2. Allen West and Marco Rubio for 2012!

  3. Marco Rubio’s parents were not American citizens at the time of his birth. He does not qualify as a natural born citizen. I think he is wonderful, dynamic and conservative but he is not eligible.


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