All-women’s school lets students choose between 10 different pronouns

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So many choices...

So many choices…

Campus Reform: Scripps College students will now be able to choose between 10 different pronouns in their class portal so professors may address them based on their preferred pronoun.
The school notified the students of the change via a campus-wide email in the middle of February explaining the decision and the new options for gender identity that will be provided for both student and professors.
“This feature has been implemented in response to student recommendations and in consultation with many constituents in the Scripps community,” the email obtained by Campus Reform said. “The pronoun portal feature gives students an opportunity to inform faculty of a pronoun that most closely matches their gendered and lived experiences at Scripps. It has been made available for students and faculty in an effort to build an inclusive environment.”
The new gender identification page in the student portal will allow students to choose from the following pronouns: e/ey, em, eir/eirs, eirself/emse; he, him, his, himself; hu, hum, hus, humself; “just my name please;” none; per, per, per/pers, perself; she, her, hers, herself; they, them, their/theirs, themse; ze, hir, hir/hirs, hirself; and ze, zir, zir/zirs, zirself.
The email also included a link to a pronoun guide by Pomona College also in Claremont, Calif., to explain some of the lesser-known pronouns.
Rachel Neuberg, a sophomore at Scripps, told The Student Life, a weekly student publication encompassing the Claremont Colleges, that she believed the change is a necessary step for the college to make in creating a safer environment for students.
“One’s gender identity should not be something that causes them anxiety in their everyday lives,” Neuberg said. “I hope that Scripps will continue to create a safe and comfortable place for its students, and that other colleges will take note so we can all work together to stop institutionalized violence.”
This change in policy comes after Scripps College, an all-women’s school, started admitting men who identify as women to the college in December. Male pronouns are included in the list of preferred pronouns students may choose from.
Scripps is a liberal arts institution located in Claremont, Calif.
Emse (formerly DCG)

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0 responses to “All-women’s school lets students choose between 10 different pronouns

  1. Gosh, so many choices! Since Scripps is saying F-you to biology — to our XX and XY chromosomes that make us, respectively, females and males — why limit ourselves to just one pronoun? Can I use all TEN pronouns?
    The only proper way to treat this insanity is with derision:

    • Give them Hell Dr.Eowyn. LOL!! The stupidity in supposedly higher education is just astounding these days. 😦

  2. Kevin J Lankford

    How bout just “Hey You”? That aught to cover any and every body.
    College age students should be well aware of their true gender. If not they are beyond any productive erudition, and no respectable college should pander to such self imposed stupidity. I would say that the school administrators suffer mental disorders of their own, and have betrayed their responsibility to teach.

  3. I can add a few, dopey, sleepy happy, grumpy, etc. Then we have Donald, Minnie, Mickey, Pluto…….

  4. Incredible! Here I thought that higher education was to prepare people to take their place in society (get a job.) Now tell me–what employer when presented by an applicant who speaks a “secret language” is actually going to offer this person a position with his/her company (unless, it is some fruitcake who has gone thru this same indoctrination??? This business of letting people “be who they are” is just fine, but it is a hindrance when it comes to being “employable.” The majority of employers do not want someone who is marching to the tune of a different drummer–that’s all fine and well in lala land, but not in the real world. An employer would view this nonsense as being a misrepresentation of the companies corporate image. How many parents want their hard earned tuition money to go down the toilet due to this schools alternative teaching methods??? Get real folks, we have enough yo-yo’s walking around as it it.

  5. Emse, thank you for this needed posting. How dare anyone mock an institution of higher learning as it prepares our youth to take part in the workforce of highly trained professionals of today’s global and highly competitive economy! I hope I don’t have to mark this with “sarc”..

  6. I was GOING to say that’s the stupidest thing I’ve seen yet,but-no,it isn’t. It’s in the top 10 though.

  7. I vote for the term Y’ALL! It’s the most politically correct thing out there. It’s YOU, it’s ALL, its all put into one fine little inclusive, world’s most politically correct term ever. Done!

    • Lola…you are 100% correct! I moved from Pennsylvania to Maryland when I was 12 (& spent my college years in Virginia). In Pennsylvania we used the pronoun “you-uns/youins” to denote any plural form of any number of genders….male or female. But geez…it sounded so backward. Almost like West Virginia! So, when I finished growing up in Maryland and Virginia…the pronoun ” You-All” seemed to cover everyone. It sounds a little colloquial…but not so backwards as “You-uns,” and so…I totally agree with you that “You-All” is the pronoun of the future. A “second” is “You-guys.” (Not to be confused with the rude New-Yorker/New Jersey “YOUSE-Guys.” ) I use either “You-All or You-Guys” most of the time in my middle school classroom. I get some mild kick-back from females when I use the term “You Guys” because they associate the word “guy” with a male gender. But, this is not a huge problem. Nevertheless…sticking to the term,”You All, or, ” Y’All,” has never elicited a negative comment from anyone so far. This appears to be the most suitable term. Now, I have never run a thesis-worthy study on this. I also have never yet sent home a permission slip or a preference survey of parents and their opinions on this gender/pronoun/et al issue. So, I am going ONLY on about 20-plus years of teaching experience in the classroom…through several generational/educational/governmental shifts. But I can truly say openly at this time, that I don’t think anyone can sue me or bring me up for review/in danger of losing my job for using the term…”You All.” Rest easy, Lola.

  8. It’s impossible to imagine that those people (students & school admin) actually are serious & believe what they are saying! Sheer insanity! All good sense has been thrown out the window!
    What kind of freak is a Zirself? :-/
    And why didn’t they include Yo’self? (singular of You All!)
    To humor their demented Gender Word Games, the only one that might even come close to being an abbreviated form of “PERSON, SELF,” would be their “perself.”
    And I’m soooo offended they didn’t include “ME, MYSELF, & I” since it’s all about ME ME ME ME ME, is it not?! 🙂
    Should e/ey, em, eir/eirs, eirself/emse, hu, hum, hus, humself; none; per, per, per/pers, perself; ze, hir, hir/hirs, hirself; and ze, zir, zir/zirs, zirself ever desire to marry each other, warn them to stay away from Alabama since the State Supreme Court there just ruled against same-sex (“mystery sex”?) marriage, per Liberty Counsel Press Release 3/4/15:
    Only MALES (he, him, his, himself) & FEMALES (she, her, hers, herself) will be allowed to marry EACH OTHER, Male + Female, in good ol Alabammy! Praise God for some sanity!


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