All Hail Emperor Obama !!

With tens of millions suffering, we are treated to this….
If you’re not sure what “big government” implies, take a look at this.

But you have already read about this in your local newspaper.
Oh no, you didn’t? OK then, you saw it on CNN… No?… INTERESTING!!!
You and I may never see health care again the way it used to be, but “Emperor Obama” took six (6) doctors with him for a 3 day visit to London – along with 494 other essential staff.
~Steve~       H/T   Our Miss May

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Thomas Morato
Thomas Morato
9 years ago

“…with the president’s own food and water.”
Afraid to dine on the local cuisine? I didn’t see any “official food tasters” on that list for the king. Or were they already included in the 500 staff number?
In the early 1980’s while in the Navy, we used to call extravagant non-essential waste of tax payers money… Boondoggles, which I believe were outlawed during the Clinton years when he striped the military down to bare bones while our equipment was falling apart.
Looks like the chosen one has brought back Boondoggles on his watch… at least for his office.