Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was appointed – not elected

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AOC’s arrogance implies an invisible hand

This creature came from nowhere and speaks arrogantly of being the new boss in the Democrat Party, telling even Joe Lieberman that his time is past. Where does her cockiness come from? The following video will start to unmask AOC and her invisible backers.

Don’t look at her stupidity and take her as being inconsequential. That is the mistake America made with another blank slate named Obama.

The Marxism this creature is forcing into the American system is as deadly as a rattlesnake. We need to unmask her and her backers at every opportunity. We need to put a spotlight on her. Evil hates light because light reveals the truth.

Let the unmasking begin!

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29 responses to “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was appointed – not elected

  1. So AOC was a waitress when she was recruited by Demonrats to run. She is even less qualified than Barack Obama. But like Obama, AOC was also a “community organizer” political activist.

    Like all Marxists, Demonrats are good at agitprop and organization. Why can’t the GOP do “casting calls” to recruit candidates to run for office?

    • “Like all Marxists, Demonrats are good at agitprop and organization. Why can’t the GOP do “casting calls” to recruit candidates to run for office?”

      Good question. I think the answer to that is that most of them – at least at the top levels are not concerned with this because they are all globalists too. Repoops are sold out. They don’t believe half of what they say publicly. They think they won’t be affected, and maybe they are right because they are part of ” the club” At the lower levels I think conservatives are busy working, involved with their churches etc. Those vermin above are being funded by Soros and the like to sit around and organize. Who is going to fund conservatives? Those with oodles of money like Adelson, Soros, Rockefeller, Buffet- they are all about Jewish World gov, not freedom for they Goyim. To my knowledge there is not a billionaire who isn’t in the club.

      Great post Trail!

      • Someone once said that under communism, man exploits man; under capitalism, it is just the opposite.

        Conservatives are a breed unto themselves. It is very difficult to tell the sheep from the goats any longer because when push comes to shove, they all plunge their heads in the sand like ostrich.

        They’ll defend our Constitution failing to realize that every president defies it, including Trump, yet they’ll also defend the corruption of the president defying the Constitution. So what good is it to defend the Constitution when our presidents ignore it?

        On the other hand, when something as egregiously unconstitutional as 5G threatens the lives of every citizen, do they act on behalf of defending the Constitution? They do not. They plunge their heads in the sand. But down the road when they are affected by EMF/EHF will they recognize that it was their own complacency that brought about their affliction?

        Nobody is ever humble enough to take responsibility for what we ourselves have called into being. There is absolutely no difference between the left and right, liberals and conservatives, except that some conservatives hide underneath their church pews like cockroaches to prove their phony piety while they call themselves Christians. They wouldn’t lift a finger to help their brother or sister when push comes to shove.

        And that’s why the Marxist commies seem to be advancing their cause; they stick together and support each other. Conservatives DO NOT. It’s more fun to stab one another in the back. Take some time to observe the dog and pony show throughout the conservative so-called “movement.’ It is absolutely lame.

        Even the decorated patriot veterans who proclaim themselves heroes of our Constitution take an armchair approach to defending out nation but when they are confronted with a very real and dire challenge like 5G they show their true colors. They are disgraceful.

        Why? Because they are all fueled by human ego, not their feigned love of Christ. At least the commie atheists aren’t hypocrites pretending to love the Lord.

      • Fishface Washerwoman Sgt Shultz’s arrogance and lack of prosecution for helping to steal her own election as well as the primaries from Bolshevik Bernie to steal it for criminal Hillary, and her conspiracy with the Paki Muslim Awan bros who acquired allot of classified US intelligence also implies a (K)osher hidden hand……………….

    • For me, I don’t use terms like “recruited”. They don’t work for us and those selected by The Odor to reign over us are not really picked by us. I have read in several places that Soros provided a lot of “support” for this.

      None of them care on whet what we want or think. This one is too stupid to realize that the ROLE she”s playing normally requires one to feign concern for the electorate. She knows who she works for and it never enters her head that anyone would not do what she says because she works for the Big Boss.

      There is certainly more of this going around than at any other time in my memory. She is just the most extreme example. That Muslim woman with the mouth that roars is another. Then there’s that little pansy, Cory Booker. He’s so mad he could just spit.

      They need to be put in their place. Just like that star chamber circus yesterday. They should have gotten up, pulled plug and left.

    • One reason the Republicans—the handful of real ones, that is—do not behaviorally do casting calls is that they are taxonomically from a different form of life. These evil, insufferable Justice Democrats exemplify one of the primary forms that parasitic fungi take to consume their host society. They’re individually no more than tiny threads resembling fungal hyphae that as part of their nature probe and exploit every weakness in the host food source, but taken together will suck it dry before moving on. The American host at one point not that long ago immediately recognized and extirpated such parasitic fungi, but has been too heavily weakened by the msm, Hollywood, WallStreet, etc to even recognize the lethal invader, let alone do anything about it. These fungi eat the weak specimens in nature. When a healthy target bars their advance they’re nourished by the mother colony whose fruiting bodies are those stalked heads rising up from the slime mold overspreading our culture with faces we give particularized names to like Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Saban, Adelson, et al. Tolerating a functionally parasitic left that exists to consume its host society, incubated in the universities and cultivated by the ‘billionaires ‘, will prove to be far more harmful than throwing out centuries of hard-won advances in physical hygiene was against microscopic parasites.

      • Speaking of fungi, that’s where humanity is headed. Transgenderism! How many genders? Sure, why not? There are literally thousands of gender of FUNGI. But we humans had better accept that as normal for humans. Because it might just be that your neighbors son was supposed to be a mushroom, not a human boy. How dare that nasty “assignment.”

  2. Another barn burner. If true, as it appears to be, it’s time to out these creatures now.

  3. TrailDust, Your post needs to be broadcasted to every corner possible, evil follows where this subject appears, she is calculating and wants to make it BIG at any cost. A slithering snake as this one is, waits until accomplishes her want, she is poisoning the most vulnerable of our youth, her words are venom. Her MASTER Bernie Sanders leads her from behind. Exposing her will bring her down. His hands will not be dirty.

  4. The offspring of the democrat’s “master education plan” to turn all students into future voting democrats. Who are now turning on thier own teachers/masters by wanting to reuild the democratic party from scratch.

    Time for popcorn…
    I love watching the Dems turn on themselves and eat each other…

  5. Bartending experience develops skills in engaging customers in immediate, surface concerns of the customers and responding with expressions of support and even sympathy. It does not work so well in discussions of greater depth.
    George Soros: “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work.”
    “The main obstacle to a stable and just world is the United States of America.”
    “I am basically here to make money. I cannot, and do not, look at the consequences of what I do.”

    • Yes, exactly. We pick on Soros because he’s visible. He is but an agent, there are many others. He wouldn’t be this arrogant if he worried. They’ve stolen it all, they just haven’t come for it yet.

  6. One thing I will NEVER understand.
    Like the mob movies and one mobster is eliminated …didn’t he see that coming??
    He doesn’t work for angels, for Christ’s sake!!!
    If he lives by those rules, so do all the others…
    The dems are like the mafia. You could be next!!! If not a bullet, definitely thrown under the bus….oh, yeah, that mouthpiece Cohen is proving deceit has no specific party.

    • There ARE no “parties”. Both are two wings on the same bird. “The Bird” is the New World Odor. The “parties” are designed to provide something to focus emotion on while they complete their job of enslaving all of us.

      It has NEVER been more obvious. Look at how they put these little side shows together to pump the bullshit. Does anybody really think that Nasty Nancy and/or Adam Schiff dreams these up? Of course not. They are told by their owners what their owners want done.

      At this very moment their entire narrative fell apart. What are they going to do about it? Nothing. They will continue to wail and rend and keep pushing like it never happened.

      This is a HUGE distraction. They LOVE distractions. They love it when people think its all about the two wings on the turkey of control. These politicians are nothing but a harem of whores. They do whatever obscene acts they pay them to do.

      Those who think this is all on the up and up should remember that they do not appreciate your “loyalty”. They laugh at your naiveté. The proper response to these creeps is to chase them through the streets.

  7. Look at this fool:

    The only thing worse than her ignorance is her arrogance. Think what it must be like to be one of the “lefty cattle” owned by the Odor that have to pretend this little twit is meaningful. They are all whores.

  8. Dr. E,

    When I was watching the Alex Jones show one day last summer, AOC’s primary victory over ESTABLISHED Democrat rep Joe Crowley (who, BTW, was #3 or #4 behind Nancy Pelosi) came up. I remember Jones saying that George Soros’ money was backing AOC. Boy, that’s a surprise-NOT!

  9. If you do some homework on the 2018 midterm candidates, and many who won their seats, there was a large contingent with backgrounds in military intelligence. Justice Democrats may have squeezed in some ‘bomb throwers’, but these other Manchurians are what concerns me.

  10. Great post, Trail. As I’ve said before, AOC may well turn out to be the new Hillary Clinton. Her ambitions are barely bridled and she has not bared her fangs yet.

    I cannot think of a greater danger to America (and by extension the entire human race) than Bernie Sanders as President and AOC as his Vice President. To those who say a Bolshevik Revolution, “It can’t happen here!” I say, EXCUSE ME, it most definitely CAN happen here and IT’S BEING PLANNED.

    • Well, it could be Uncle Joe (hide the kids) Biden with Kamala (is my Willy Brown?) Harris. The whole line up looks like the cast from “One Step Beyond”. We mustn’t forget that all we’re “allowed” to do is cast votes for whatever degenerate The Odor puts in front of us.

      As usual I’ll be voting for my favorite “NOTA” (none of the above). I know it doesn’t matter but that way they can’t call me complicit.

  11. Clarioncaller said “If you do some homework on the 2018 midterm candidates, and many who won their seats, there was a large contingent with backgrounds in military intelligence. Justice Democrats may have squeezed in some ‘bomb throwers’, but these other Manchurians are what concerns me.”

    The so called 60’s Revolution, which was really our cultural revolution, and the creation of the modern day mental illness of Liberalism, leading us to our present plight, was spawned by military intelligence & Cultural Marxist Frankfurt School, and was NOT organic.

    Peek behind the Curtain-Who’s behind AOC and the GND? (She has an Indian who loves National Socialism, and a communist “American” born Judeo-Muzzie)

    • Yes, but I’ll stick to my contention that they’re all owned by the Odor and they do as they’re told. None of these creatures is on autopilot. They take orders and they stick with the script. They don’t “go rogue” or improvise.

      So she can prance and gnash and do the googly eye all she wants. She’s just an employee like the guy who bags your groceries. They just casted her and wrote her (and a lot of others) into the script. While everyone is trying to figure her out (not that it makes a shred of difference) she will continue to do as she’s told.

      Seen on a competency level they are a joke. Her owners don’t care if she’s laughed at or people scream at her. That’s why they picked Obongo. If you said “you’re lazy and stupid” they’d say YOU’RE A RACIST!!!”.

      Those who are honkeys come with built in “privilege” and can’t “earn” enough victim points to qualify for martyrdom. Of course the proper response to this is to laugh long and loudly right in their faces.

      That’s why they want to make that “illegal”, you know, a “hate crime”.

      • Shahid & Chakrabarti are 2 “immigrants” that worked for the Bolshevik Bernie Sanders before working for the dumb as a rock Cortez another mixed race puppet. They have a natural hatred of white people/Christianity/America and our Western Civilization and are puppets for those working for their One World Government dictatorship, or “Super-Government” as one branch of “judaism” calls it………….

  12. I haven’t made an attempt to verify the accuracy of the attached but it does dovetail into the current election funding scandal she finds herself in:

    According to this, this PAC advertised for a group of socialists and those are the current newbies “progressing” us all toward communism. This is a lot like a casting call for crisis actors.

  13. Here’s a little more on this group “Justice Democrats”. It looks like AOC and her Indian buddy still control it, only off the books. Rumor has it that this is funded through Agent Soros.

    I find this interesting as we seldom get actual proof of them “appointing so-called candidates”. Here they are implanting communists to ensure that the left wing of the bird makes ever tighter circles.

    She is evil. Imagine looking through your peep hole at her, your crazy ex-girlfriend. She could be Jody Arias’ sister.

    • It is interesting AOC reminds someone else of Jodi Arias. This struck me too and I actually found your article by searching “Jodi Arias Alexandria Ocasio Cortez” to see if anything was out tthere. It looked like there was another I want to go read now which said she seemed like her “twin sister”.

  14. AOC at SXSW:

    • Yeah, today she was blaming Trump, the NRA and people who pray for the NZ shootings. She’s vicious, I think you’re gonna see her grow from “cute” and dumb, to dumb and mean.


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