Alex Jones interviews Donald Trump

Alex Jones first got my attention with his expose of the Bohemian Grove. I then watched many segments until I reached a point where I could not hear any more bad news. Well this time he had Donald Trump on. I had to find out what would be said.
Could it be we have found a candidate who is not owned by some secretive international star chamber? 
I leave that as a question, not an answer. ~ TD 

Alex Jones & Donald Trump Bombshell Full Interview

The Alex Jones Channel with Donald Trump
There you have it. Donald Trump has answered many peoples’ questions, and now he has weighed in on a network quite unlike most others.
Make of it what you will.

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There is no one that troubles the elite Like Trump!
I’m so disappointed in the religious right that are fighting him!

Steven Broiles

I think Trump is the best of a bad lot. I am not expecting him to be America’s Savior, but if he can do half of what he is saying he will do, he will be much better than the last four Presidents we’ve had.


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