Alex Jones Calls Janet Napolitano a Man. LOL

Of late, transgenderism is very much in the news, what with Cher’s daughter, er, son Chas Bono being a contestant in Dancing With the Stars, as well as the unending series of news stories on a transgender Girl (or is it Boy) Scout, the transgender gay man/lesbian, the lesbian couple’s transgender kid, etc. etc.
Given the seeming ubiquity of transgenderism, what Alex Jones said on his radio show a week ago is certainly timely.

Janet Napolitano, manly woman or girly man?

Sterling Allan reports for Before It’s News, Oct. 22, 2011, that Jones, in his live interview with Bob Chapman on the October 21  Infowars radio show, stated outright that Janet Napolitano, head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, “is a guy masquerading as a woman” and referred to Napolitano as “he” and “Mr.”
Here is an excerpt of Jones’ interview with Chapman, beginning at time stamp 12:17:

Jones: “Why is Janet Napolitano, why is he, as a Man, so bold to even admit that to Congress. …”

Jones: “You know, Janet Napolitano, he says he doesn’t like being criticized by us.”

Jones: “He’s a man, he can take it.”

Jones: “What kind of person to you think Mr. Napolitano is?”

Chapman: “I’d rather not say, because I know what you know, and I’m not going to put it on the air.”

Jones: “I mean, Mr. Napolitano”

Chapman: “Spies everywhere”

Jones: “I’m convinced that Mr. Napolitano is a guy masquerading as a woman, and not doing a very good job of it.”

Chapman: “Ah… You’re probably right, because you’re right about most things.”

Jones: “Hold on a second, Jaren was saying something about Mr. Napolitano; what was that?”

Jones: “Alright, I don’t usually stoop to humor, but at a certain point, I’m getting tired of it.”

Photo taken on Apirl 2, 2005.

Wikipedia’s entry on 53-year-old Napolitano says that she’s unmarried, has no children, is an avid basketball fan, and had a mastectomy in 1998 because of breast cancer.

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8 years ago

LOL – I’m not exactly a member of the Alex Jones Fan Club, but he nailed it here.
Actually, I would classify Frau Janet “Reno II” Himmler as an It.

8 years ago

“It needs to resign”

8 years ago

Being from Arizona I loathe Napolitano. We had the unfortunate luck of having her as our Governor. That being said, I don’t really think she is a man. But she is openly lesbian and very much a dyke. I’ve seen her years ago and she looked like a very “butch” woman. But….I wouldn’t dismiss anything anymore judging by THIS current administration. I think there are alot of sexual deviates up there in D.C. Or is that AC/DC? lol

8 years ago

LOL….…uh.. he needs to, as Tina said, “resign”, and focus more on finishing up the surgery to become a woman.. LOL Although there are some that even all the surgery in the world won’t help…. 😉

7 years ago

Maybe she had surgery and they put her butt where her face should be.