Alaskans Chose Strait Over Gay !

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Here’s a little dose of levity for a Tuesday morning….

In 2002, Republicans Steve Strait and Becky Gay ran neck-and-neck in the primary race for a seat in the Alaska House of Representatives.
The final tally:
Strait won.  😀
With all precincts reporting, Strait received 947 votes v. Gay’s 945 votes.
Alas, Strait lost to a Democrat in the main election.
In 2009, Alaska’s Governor Sean Parnell appointed Strait to the Aviation Advisory Board.
H/t Joseph.

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3 responses to “Alaskans Chose Strait Over Gay !

  1. Maybe next time there will be a 3-way race with candidate Bye in the mix.
    Rob, The Mainland

  2. You know, I think I am somewhat slow today! It took me a few minutes to get it! Can you believe that! Funny!

  3. When I read the blog I thought sense had finally dawned in the world. i was expecting too much.


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