Alaska Gets It Right

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The Law of the Land

Committee OKs bill banning foreign laws

Via the Anchorage Daily News, a state House committee has approved a bill banning the use of foreign law in state courts.

The measure, proposed by Republican Rep. Carl Gatto of Palmer, instructs courts not to uphold any foreign laws if doing so would strip a person of their constitutional rights. Gatto says the bill would curb courts from recognizing Sharia, an Islamic law code incorporated into the legal systems of some countries.

Anchorage Democrat Max Gruenberg objected to the bill’s passage during Thursday’s House State Affairs Committee hearing, saying the bill could have unintended legal consequences. Business agreements were exempted from the bill after committee members expressed concerns that the measure could infringe on international commerce. House Bill 88 will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee next Wednesday.
Good for Alaska to uphold the Constitution of the United States!  Unlike Florida, they recognize the true law of our land.
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0 responses to “Alaska Gets It Right

  1. this is the best news I’ve heard all week!!!!

  2. any religious law or foreign law is anathema to our Constitution. Way to go Alaska. However, the courts are peppered with judges who do not uphold our laws. Witness Oklahoma’s law against foreign and shari’a law. They’re fighting to retain this law despite the court.

  3. I would like to see a similar bill in both bodies of the US Congress, but those worthless goobers over in the House can’t even bring themselves to gut Obamacare.

  4. heck they can’t even find obama’s birth certificate.


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