Alabama abortion law causes libtards to freak out: ‘Imagine the indignity of being forced to carry your rapist’s baby to term’

Hollyweird types and progressives who don’t live or vote in Alabama reacted as predicted to the new Alabama Human Life Protection Act. Read about their responses on the link.

Many were upset that white republican men signed off on this law (which was signed by a woman governor). Libtards wanted to know how men would react if they had to carry a baby to full term if they were raped.

My question is: Why can’t one imagine the love and potential for a child conceived from rape?

Here are some stories of people, conceived by rape, who survived the “indignity” of being carried to full term.

Eartha Kitt: Eartha was born on a cotton plantation near the small town of North, South Carolina, or St. Matthews on January 17, 1927.

Her mother Annie Mae Keith was of Cherokee and African descent. Though she had little knowledge of her father, it was reported that he was a son of the owner of the farm where she had been born, and that Kitt was conceived by rape.

Angelina Jolie’s adopted daughter Zahara: In 2007 the mother of Angelina’s Ethopian adopted daughter spoke out about her rape which led to the birth of Zahara. She said, “I think my daughter is a very fortunate human being to be adopted by a world famous lady. I wish them both all the success they deserve.”

Martin Sheen and his wife Janet, who was conceived by rape

Liberal actor Martin Sheen’s wife, Janet: Despite Martin being a devout liberal, he is also a devout Catholic. From Life Site News in 2011:

“Sheen, a complex character whose Catholic devotional life and pro-life views have not stopped him from backing the presidency of Barack Obama, was interviewed by Gay Byrne; the interview was released on Irish broadcaster RTE’s website April 3.

Byrne asked Sheen: “The liberal causes that you espouse are readily identifiable with people in the movie business, but your anti-abortion stance is very strong indeed. And tell me what you told me on the late late show in 1987 as to why that is.”

Sheen replied, “Well we had pregnancies with our grandsons, three specifically. And we welcomed these children and encouraged the mothers to have the children and gave them support. The lads were not happy at the time but they came to love these children. We have three grown grandchildren, two of them are married, they’re some of the greatest source of joy in our lives.”

Sheen went on to note that his wife Janet struggled after the conception of their fourth child, but chose life despite the circumstances after speaking with a therapist.

However, Byrne asked about Janet, “was she not born because of a rape?” Sheen responded that his wife would rather that he not speak about it, but does admit that she was conceived in rape. Byrne followed up, suggesting that “if there had been an abortion she would not exist.”

Sheen relates further that even after birth Janet’s mother contemplated “dumping her in the Ohio River.” She was raised by aunts till she was six, after which her mother, with a new husband, “came to collect her,” he said.”

Valerie Gatto, conceived from rape

Valeria Gatto, former Miss Pennsylvania: From CBN News in 2014:

Valerie Gatto shouldn’t be alive today. The model and former Miss Pennsylvania is considered successful by today’s standards, but most people would never guess she is a child of rape.

Her mother was brutally attacked at knife point when she was just 19 years old. Her attacker intended to kill her. Somehow, she got away thanks to the help of a bright light.

“Whenever my mom managed to get away, he was going to murder her, but there was just this bright flash of light, and he got scared and didn’t want any onlookers to see her and what he was doing to her. So, that light gave my mom the opportunity to run away and escape — and if that bright light didn’t appear, she would have been murdered,” Gatto told Trib Live.

Her mom later realized she escaped with not just her life, but a pregnancy. Gatto’s mom did not want to abort her but decided to raise her with the support of her family.

Today, Gatto is a proud graduate of the University of Pittsburgh and pageant winner. While her life had a tragic beginning, Gatto chooses to focus on the positive.

I live my life not thinking of it as something negative but looking at how to turn a negative into a positive. … A lot of people could benefit from this type of story — not just young women story — about how to protect themselves and how to prevent the crimes. It’s a story that could inspire a lot of people and, if I stay a strong person, I can inspire many other people,” she said.

Faith Daniels: “It doesn’t matter how you were conceived.”

Faith Daniels, former TV news anchor: From People Magazine in 1993:

“AT AN OCTOBER TAPING OF HER DAILY NBC talk show, scheduled to air March 4, Faith Daniels was moderating a discussion of a disturbing topic: women who become pregnant as the result of rape. She seemed every inch the dispassionate observer, moving smoothly between one woman, who had opted for an abortion, and another, who had chosen to carry her pregnancy to term. But just before cutting to a commercial, Daniels, 35, made a startling disclosure to her guests. “There are many adoptees—including this one—who were conceived in the exact same way,” she said, a slight tremor in her voice. “It really doesn’t matter how you were conceived. Only what you’ve become.

Though Daniels has spoken openly of her adoption in the past, she had never before divulged publicly what she learned only in 1985 about its circumstances: that her own birth mother, then an unwed 17-year-old, had become pregnant with Faith after being beaten and raped by a young man she had been dating.

If Daniels’s viewers were stunned by the revelation, the reporter herself has remained a model of equanimity. “[The circumstance of conception] isn’t something that’s a cross to carry or that I dwell on,” she says now. “Date rape is truly an awful thing. But if a child is the result, and is placed in a loving home, there should be no stigma.”


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To leftards: imagine the indignity of being cut to pieces before even beginning your life. Imagine the indignity of a human baby made in the image of God being disregarded and thrown away as a “clump of cells”. Or as you might say, “a f**king clump of cells”. May more and more states come back to sanity and pass more of these laws, to the wailing and gnashing and garment-rending of womyn/liberals, until, God willing, the obscene scourge of abortion is blasted from the face of the Earth


The narratives of these ladies are so compelling one cannot imagine the hurt but to overcome the action of rape and not aborting the child is commendable. GOD bless them all.


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Steven Broiles

Thank You for this most elucidating post. Yes, rape IS a horrible and despicable crime, a crime of power, violence and humiliation. It is a crime that really should warrant capital punishment. But the baby conceived by rape is innocent of any crime. I did not know about these people conceived by rape except for Eartha Kitt. Abort the baby conceived by rape? YOU JUST KILLED BEETHOVEN! Again, rape is just about the lowest crime imaginable, save murder. But God CAN and DOES draw good out of evil. This post just goes to show that the feminist/pro-choice side almost never… Read more »


It is an EMOTIONAL not a moral argument. One can still have sympathy for rape victims and believe that infants have a right to live. It isn’t “either/or”. This is really based on the unspoken belief that people should live lives completely free of any form of adversity. NOBODY (including God), ever said that was “normal”. Even rich elites face adversity. Murdering an infant that is the product of an illicit union does not “fix” the problem. The “problem” was the rape. The infant is NOT the problem. If it is too uncomfortable for the woman to raise her child… Read more »


Absolutely right. Unfortunately normal couples have to jump through endless hoops to adopt a baby. Homosexual “couples” not so much


Yes, unfortunately that’s true. There are other perils as well. However, where there’s life there’s hope. There are organizations that do this and, with care a woman should be able to find a trustworthy one.

I also agree with what you’re saying. But like the quandary that started this discussion, death isn’t the “solution”.


No, abortion, death, is never a solution. No matter the circumstances the lives and well-being of children must be the priority and must be protected at all costs. All costs


Well, a baby is alive. It isn’t the baby’s fault how it came to be alive. This must be the same type of thinking that attaches to seeing infanticide as something a woman has exclusive judgment over.

In my lifetime abortion has gone from a shameful and underground pursuit never discussed in polite society to something to “brag” about. Wow. I still find it unbelievable.

Worse, it is looked at as some type of “birth control”.


@ Steven… “killed Beethoven” was the first thing that came into my head. How many great minds have been destroyed by the left’s selfishness. Not to mention that a third of the negro population have fallen to the new holocaust. Talk about brainwashing. They don’t even care.