Al-Shabab: Jihadist terrorists who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall

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Think the horrible massacre of 72 in a shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya, by a little-known al-Qaeda affiliated Muslim group called Al-Shahab, can’t happen in the United States? Think again. Jihadists are going global.


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0 responses to “Al-Shabab: Jihadist terrorists who attacked a Nairobi shopping mall

  1. I read a report that said 3 of them are from the United States.

    • The lady was a Brit. she was the widow of a former Brit. turned militant apparently, who became a suicide bomber. There are several accounts of the raid that have this linked to the CIA covert activities. After checking into the recent shooting on the Naval Base the identity of the CIA is coming into focus as a type of Satanic Cult that goes around doing stuff for the Illuminati and uses the Masons etc In the process of this I discovered that Trayvon Martyns Father was a Grand Master. And more unfortunately…….it’s a little early in the AM for all this………..

  2. Wouldn’t be surprised if an attack happens here in the States, especially around Christmas to target Christians.

  3. Looks like Barry’s relatives are getting uppity.


  4. Just think the traitor-in-chief is arming these terriost and wants to disarm us. Lurch is going to sign the un small arms treaty while they are gun running out the back door to the enemy. Why is the fbi over there investigating this wasting tax-payer dollars when it took them forever to go to bengazi.

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