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The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, will be awarding an honorary doctorate to global warming fraud and profiteer Al Gore, in recognition of his “visionary leadership” and his work that “has quite literally changed our planet for the better.” (See previous post “‘Doctor’ Al Gore“) has an online poll on whether you agree with UT. To vote, CLICK HERE.
No organized effort was made to flood the poll with naysayers. Given that, the results thus far (Mar. 7, 3 am west coast time) are interesting!

Poll: Should UT Knoxville present Al Gore with an honorary doctoral degree?

Response   Percent Votes
No 93% 14752
Yes 5% 926
Not sure 0% 45
total votes: 15723

H/t WattsUpWithThat.

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10 years ago

Sad with all that has come down the line about Al Gore there are still those who believe in him and those chowder heads who are unsure.
YES or NO. Being “unsure” is a lazy way out.

10 years ago

I have a better poll question:
Should Al Gore and his fellow-traveling scam artists be forced to pay back the $79 billion they screwed us hapless taxpayers out of?
Hell yes.