Al Gore is Taxing & Unpleasant, Says Famous Reporter

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Washington Post investigative journalist and editor Bob Woodward, famous for his (and Carl Bernstein) uncovering of Richard Nixon’s Watergate scandal, confirms what we already know:

Al Gore, that Global Warming profiteer, is boring and nasty.

Judy Kurtz reports for The Hill, Dec. 5, 2011, that last Thursday, in a speech at the Organization for International Investment’s annual dinner at D.C.’s Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Woodward disclosed that he was paired up next to Gore at some VIP dinner.
Woodward said, “Now, sitting next to Gore is taxing.” After some laughs from the crowd, Woodward continued, “In fact, it’s unpleasant.”
Woodward writes for a living, so his choice of words is not thoughtless.
The word “unpleasant” means “disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings,” “ill-natured,” “nasty,” “awful.”
The word “taxing” means “demanding,” “onerous,” “burdensome,” “wearing,” “punishing,” “exacting,” “sapping,” and “enervating.” Umm, that’s most interesting. “Sapping” and “enervating” sure sound like Gore is one of those psychological vampires — people who just suck the life of you when you’re with them.

Then Woodward disclosed something even more interesting about his conversation with the taxing and unpleasant former Vice President.
Woodward asked Gore, more than five years after leaving office, how much the public knows about what went on during the Clinton administration. Gore replied, “One percent.”
Woodward admitted that revelation made him feel a bit icky, saying, “I kind of died inside and have to confess to having an unclean thought.”
He then dug a little deeper, asking Gore if he were to write a memoir, how much Americans would know then. Gore retorted, “Two percent.”
A spokeswoman for Gore had no comment.
If, according to Gore, the Clinton administration was secretive, imagine what’s going on in the Obama administration. We the American people probably know less than 0.01 percent of what’s really going on.
Here’s a reminder of Algore the fraud. I never get tired of watching this video! 😀


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6 responses to “Al Gore is Taxing & Unpleasant, Says Famous Reporter

  1. Is Al Gore the real “Green” River Killer?

  2. Yuck, I wouldn’t be able to hold down my dinner if I had to sit next to that manbearpig!

  3. ….I just picture a sex-crazed poodle whenever the subject involves Algore 🙂

  4. Grouchy, his stand on global warming made him a Millionaire, a 1%er, I really doubt that he cares…

  5. “Fat Sex Crazed Poodle”-hot air ballon,con-artist-joke.


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