Air New Zealand safety video featuring bikini-clad models dropped after thousands sign petition calling it sexist

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Daily Mail: An in-flight safety video that was accused of “sexualizing the female body” has been dropped by Air New Zealand.
The nearly four-minute footage, which features bikini-clad models, has been taken off the air after an online petition was launched calling it sexist.
However, the airline says the removal of the Sports Illustrated 50th anniversary in-flight safety demonstration had nothing to do with public pressure.
The online petition at was signed by more than 7,000 people, campaigned for the video, shot in the Cook Islands, to be removed.
In the footage, the half-naked (they are wearing bikinis) women advise passengers of the safety procedures on board the plane, and they can be seen flicking their hair suggestively, as well as being ogled at by Maori men.
It also includes a scene where women are looking at their reflections in a mirror while wearing oxygen masks (oh the horror!).
The petitioner said the video, feature half-naked (again, wearing bikinis) women carrying out the safety procedures in a suggestive manner, made women uncomfortable, including staff members (did the petitioner take a poll of all Air New Zealand staff?).
“A safety video is to alert passengers on what to do in an emergency; it should not be an excuse to objectify the sexualized female body,” it read.
A supporter of the campaign wrote: “And it breaches people’s freedom of choice. Because they are obliged to sit in front of it. They can’t turn it off, or walk away.” (Can’t you just go back to reading your magazine?)
They can’t shelter their children from it, because their children are also obliged to watch it.” (Yet sex education at an early age is ok – see below.)
They added: “It objectifies women. It reduces women to stereotype of sexual availability, increasing a perception that women are available to be utilized as sexual gratification (visual or otherwise).” (But walking around in a “TaTa” bikini is perfectly acceptable.)
However, an Air New Zealand spokesman denied the airline had bowed to public pressure, saying the videos are scheduled, the Sports Illustrated video had reached the end its run and was gradually being phased out of the aircrafts it was used on.

These girls in the ads are models – doing what they do best. I will never understand the feminazi/progressive mind: They want you to bare it all while maintaining modesty in a daring ‘TaTa Top’ bikini, they want to “Free the Nipple“, they want to study the role of sex appeal in feminism, they want to start sex education in kindergarten, and they are ok with a newspaper that lists places to go when starving for “d*ck”. Yet models in bikinis has them up in arms. Pick a side ladies because you can’t have it both ways.

At least the models aren’t getting completely naked to find “true love”.

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0 responses to “Air New Zealand safety video featuring bikini-clad models dropped after thousands sign petition calling it sexist

  1. It’s only okay to bare the female body. IF it is unshaven, and not under 200 pounds.. I guess then they can’t say it is ““sexualizing “

  2. Safety razors are one of the primary instrumentalities of sexist oppression. Unfortunately in the event of a forced landing at sea, these poor models will not be able to lash themselves to a flotation device by using their armpit hair.

  3. Not racist but people have zero tolerance for minor things, someone has to make issues out of everything. I think the internet give people power to generate mass hysterical support for the most stupid things. Those that generate the hysteria get the feeling os accomplishment, power.

  4. Dave is frantically surfing the intertubes looking up airline flights from Atlanta to New Zealand.

  5. Maybe the feminazis would have been okay with it if the models all looked like Helen Thomas or, gulp, Bella Abzug.
    LOL -And no, I didn’t do a picture search for either, as I have a flat screen monitor I actually like.

  6. “Maybe the feminazis would have been okay with it if the models all looked like Helen Thomas or, gulp, Bella Abzug.” Or Killary Clinton,or Nancy Pelosi,or Dianne Frankenstein,or Michael/Michelle Obama,or Bigrack Obama,or Mad Maxine Watters,or……


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