Ahmed, the Dead Terrorist!

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A huge h/t to beloved Fellow FS.  😀

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0 responses to “Ahmed, the Dead Terrorist!

  1. ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It ain’t funny, as a matter of fact, the act is obscene.

    • Then you’re not gonna like most, if not all, of the jokes posted here. Fellowship is a non-PC zone. We try to make fun of everyone, especially those (like Muslim jihadists) who take themselves way too seriously and threaten to murder cartoonists who draw a pic of Mohammed with a bomb for a turban.

    • In the immortal words of Sgt Hulka:
      “Lighten up, Francis”

  3. erinyes-you might as well laugh while you can-if you would like a thorough explanation,I will give you one?


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