Ahh, The good ole days. Just Kidding.

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I think we all need some Thorazine.

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0 responses to “Ahh, The good ole days. Just Kidding.

  1. Au contraire! What we need is more agitation in the apathetic populace, which appears to no longer have any spine in its polity [or anywhere else, for that matter!]. It would rather lay supine to all authority, no matter how displaced, unConstitutional, and evil.

  2. Aren’t advertiser’s a hoot?
    I remember Johnny Carson reading Mother’s Day ads in the LA Times. My favorite was to show how much you care by getting Mom a new set of white-wall, steel-belted radial tires. LOL!

  3. How do we engage apathetic people with the same intensity as they watch Dancing With The Stars and American Idol?


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