Ah, ain't this cute?

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Commie Van Jones and the intellects at moveon.org have put together a video that outlines their “Contract for the American Dream”. Course, to make you feel all “super cute” about the content, they have adorable little children telling you what needs to be done.  Among them:

  • We need more green jobs in America!
  • Invest in public education (more like indoctrination)!
  • Medicare for all! And let’s expand Medicare so it’s available for all Americans just like every other advanced country!
  • No. 6 is a gem – Secure social security. Let’s pay for it by removing the cap on the social security tax.
  • No. 7: Return to fairer tax rates. If the rich don’t pay their taxes, we’ll have to. So end the Bush tax cut for the rich and add new tax brackets for people making more than $1M.

Do you really think these kids grasp what they are saying from this script?  God help us if we invest in more public education, they’ll actually grow up believing this “contract” is what’s best for our country.

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0 responses to “Ah, ain't this cute?

  1. Not to mention… “Repeal the Second Amendment because guns hurt people!” and “Make being Republican illegal– they’re mean and need help!”

  2. Okay. I get it.
    LOL – Debbie wants Dave to have a stroke.

    • Don’t blame the messenger 🙂
      I’ll be having a stroke if either one of my nieces see this load of crap in school!!

      • Debbie,
        LOL – No way I could blame you for this lunacy.

        • Glad to know you won’t hold this against me 🙂
          Yeah public schools make my sis’s life so difficult…indoctrination started In 2nd grade. And continues thru every grade, sigh..,

  3. Child abuse in my opinion. Should be against the law to use children in political ads.
    The libs will pull out all the stops this next election cycle with propaganda, as they are desperate to get the young independent vote (again).
    Four more years of skippy will put the last nail in the US’ coffin.

  4. BTW: If you really care about your spawn, then keep them the hell out of government school.
    And please spare me the bullshit about how your child’s government school is better than all the others.
    Just like there is no such thing as “moderate” Islam, there is no such thing as a “better” government school.
    Stop abusing your children.


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