Agenda 21’s Fearless Leader Hates America

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Listen to this bozo defend China’s borders and sovereignty then rant against America!  Why should any town, county or state in America tamely give up freedom and sovereignty to fall in with this maniac’s United Nations program?  ~LTG 

(frankly, his being such an a$$hat is a gift!  If you forward any single video, this is the one that should do the trick!  Make sure to note he’s is in charge of the whole Rio Declaration/Agenda 21/ICLEI boondoggle)

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6 responses to “Agenda 21’s Fearless Leader Hates America

  1. LTG-thankyou for this! awareness is key.

  2. This bozo has the nerve to tell America to “shut up”?

    Let’s make this go virtual. I just sent the YouTube to my e-list.

  3. All China wants is peace… a little piece of Taiwan, a little piece Macao, a little piece of the Spratlys and Singapore by chance!

  4. The dude is so clearly stereotypical of his race.

    • And what race would that be, Linda? Are you saying all Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Mongolians, Tibetans, Vietnamese, Cambodians — even Americans of those ethnic origins — are just like this ambassador from the People’s Republic of China?

  5. If the shoe fits well well


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