Agenda 21 Visioning Process Does Not Go As Planned

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This is a 2-hour video of the One Bay Area public meeting on “Visioning” whereby Agenda 21 facilitators from three NGOs practiced their Delphi Techniques on the target audience that happened to be salted with citizens-activists from nine counties who refused to be  facilitated. (One Bay Area is an unelected Regional Council of NGOs tasked with implementing the Agenda 21 goals in nine California Counties)
While infuriating on one level, it’s also entertaining in that it shows the frustration of the facilitators when their Delphi Technique psychological tactics failed to break down the resistance of individuals in the audience.   The frustration and annoyance of the facilitators is plain.  Wish I’d been there!  Looked like a fun event! ~LTG

A pro-Agenda 21 website, California Planning & Development Report has a lengthy article about the event,  decrying the Tea Party resistance:
“There were Tea Party activists – and that’s very much self-identified – no question that there was a group organized to participate in the meetings,” said Randy Rentschler, spokesperson for MTC. He added that videographers by the name of Tea Party TV have filmed meetings.
At those meetings, self-identified Tea Party supporters decried nearly every goal of the SB 375 planning process. Speakers criticized the plan for forcing residents into dense housing and impinging on suburban lifestyles. Speakers questioned the notion of regional planning, claiming that top-down planning would usurp local control. These and other objections at one meeting were captured on a two-hour video shot by a Tea Party supporter and posted on the Internet.
“The things they brought to the table were: ‘leave us alone; we don’t need your land use rules. We don’t need people telling us what to do,’” said Rentschler. 
At that meeting and others, participants say that Tea Party opinions all but drowned out other views, according to some.  
“They were very vocal and in some respects they would get obnoxious,” said Joel Ramos, a community planner with the nonprofit group TransForm, who said he attended several meetings in Contra Costa County. “I think that it was ultimately a detractor and that it devalued the overall conversation.”

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0 responses to “Agenda 21 Visioning Process Does Not Go As Planned

  1. in 20:05 of this program she says “it’s okay to disagree but not be disagreeable? What the hell does that mean? Anyway I am listening to this tripe all the way through (or at least until I find some gutters shopping online @ Lowe’s)

    • In 24:30 when this guy ask how do you describe yourself he came up with every left wing stereotype and #8 was “none of the above” I guess that’s where they “pin” you if you decided to choose # 8.

  2. 28:00 “Are you Hispanic or Latino” Uh at the risk of some lefty troll coming out screaming “bigot” what the hell is the difference?

  3. So even “glitter girl” is one of those obnoxious “Tea Party” participant at this meeting…hardly these Agenda 21 nuts got their butts handed to them and they decided to do what the MSM does best. Blame Bush or the Tea Party when their agenda get rejected.

  4. Okay I’m a “buck” into this and from what I gather so far, is like choosing your own prison…3×3 or 3X2.5 with either a view of the sewer system or a transit system no one will ever use.

  5. Will, you remind me of Stephen Green, the Vodkapundit drunkblogging his way through the State of the Union speech! LOL!
    Seriously, I’ll try to type up a transcript for posterity.

  6. I wonder what happens to the people that lead us to the slaughter, do they get a cushy job as our overseers or do they get the privilege of being eaten last? I seriously doubt their will be room for these lowly foot soldiers at the side of the lefty elites. I’m done, someone will need to finish out the last hour I can’t take this anymore.

  7. To Ghetto-ize the U.S. is part of the goal. RESIST!!!!!!


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