Agenda 21 – UN is Pushing the Happiness Survey

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Goofy, creepy and funny all at the same time, this “Happiness Survey” is being pushed by an organization called Sustainable Seattle with funding from the City of Seattle and private organizations. The introduction to the survey explains that it was developed in Bhutan and is approved by the United Nations.   Their website provides a brochure and toolkit for  other organizations  that want to get on board with hosting the survey and pooling data.  Soon to come — Training Change Agents



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2 responses to “Agenda 21 – UN is Pushing the Happiness Survey

  1. lowtechgrannie

    The ugly purpose behind this “happiness survey” is to give the change agent behaviorists baseline data to design a program of behavior modification to bring unwanted behaviors into line with the Agenda 21 goals. Everyone who takes the survey is providing data that will ultimately be used against them.

    If you Google the “Happiness Survey” you’ll find it’s being promoted globally. We’re all just lab rats to them. They already decided on the Agenda 21 maze when the Rio Declaration was signed in 1992. What they need to do now is get the rats to “be happy in the maze”. What reward pellets do these pesky lab rats need to make them content in the maze?

    They’ve been doing this to school kids for years with Skinnerian-based OBE. That’s what pre-testing and post-testing is all about. A great percentage of the government tests out of the federal Dept of Education (the NAEP) are for attitudes and values, not academic at all. The supposedly “failing schools” are the ones who are unsuccessful in sufficiently modifying the behavior of their students.

  2. Sadly,most people do not even understand what is going on in education and buy into the politicians’ cries that it simply needs more money. The destruction has all been planned.


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