Agenda 21 Targets Rural America – Obama's EO 13575

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0 responses to “Agenda 21 Targets Rural America – Obama's EO 13575

  1. Yup! Agenda 21 declares grazing cattle is not sustainable. No farming within 500 feet of wetlands. And, THEY get to define wetlands/bodies of water (like irrigation ditches?}

  2. Great. I knew he would go after our food supply.

  3. Great. Now he is after our food supply. He is out to destroy America. One way or another.

  4. This son of a whore needs to be in Leaverworth for the rest of his life! TODAY! This government couldn’t make a profit running a whorehouse selling booze yet they think they can run a Ranch or Farm? WRONG!!Semper Fi.

  5. You are all just plain NUTS! You’ll buy anything that FAKE News is putting out there without even thinking. Calling the President of the US “Hitler” or “Son of a whore” is just plain wrong. If you don’t like his politics, stick to that. I’m sure you’d rather have GW (who started two illegal wars, cut taxes, and screwed up the economy or Cowboy Perry who would repeat GW’s screw ups and do even worse things. Get a life!

    • Hey, Jim,
      Please point out what specific “fake” news is in this post. And while you’re at it, please give us your source(s). Do you know anything about Agenda 21? No? Then how do you know it’s fake news?
      I suggest you go to our “Creeping Big-Brother State” page to learn about it. Until you do — and until you can actually write a comment that contains facts, instead of one full of ad hominem insults — we’ll actually begin to take you seriously.

  6. I’ve been studying Agenda 21 since the 90s. The plan has been of gradual undertaking and for those who don’t read or pay attention, it doesn’t even seem to exist at all. The UN is not the rosy organization some have always thought it was.


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