Agenda 21 Targets American Farmers

Clint Didier was the Washington State Tea Party candidate  for the Senate in 2010 and was endorsed by Sarah Palin and Ron Paul.  FreedomWorks and Mitch McConnell and Jim DeMint endorsed the RINO candidate Dino Rossi.  McConnell even sent one of his staffers to manage Rossi’s campaign.   Naturally, the Democrat, Patty Murray won a 6th term. 
Clint is still active in the fight for property rights and the Constitution.  I hope he runs for office again.  He’s not bought and paid for like most of the slimeballs on the campaign trail.

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9 years ago

LTG-excellent. We need more like Clint,I’m sorry to say,I hadn’t heard of him until today. I want the EPA and UN-totally abolished. Defunded. Gone.

9 years ago

Is there anything of the trans-national progressivist bent that doen’t just jack things up for everyone? (No, I know… the screwballs will be trying it anyway because they don’t intend for it to go wrong, of course.)