Agenda 21 Strikes Back – Stacy Lynne Arrested, Son Taken

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Called a terrorist because she’s a Constitutionalist?

This is a video of the events that transpired on 12-21-11 in Fort Collins Colorado. UPDATE- On Dec 29th Stacy appeared in court to face charges of “failure to comply”. The Judge declared “NO CHARGE” and her bond was released. If there was no charge, WHY WAS SHE ARRESTED? Citizens across the country are raising money to help her pay $14,000 in court fees. If you would like to help Stacy, send check or money order to: The Benefit of Stacy Lynne Fund, P.O. box 1211 Arvada, CO 80001-1211. Email: For additional info call toll-free: 1-855 Our Rights

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0 responses to “Agenda 21 Strikes Back – Stacy Lynne Arrested, Son Taken

  1. The FDA and other related Federal groups have never much cared for food activism, self-sufficiency, and other such things anyway but for the past couple of years they’ve been getting downright nasty. The non-Internet media seems to be ignoring things like this overall, the same way it–despite how much it loved covering the Wikileaks story–even has ignored the Wikileaked documents about how the U.S. has been willing to practically declare a trade war on any other country that won’t bow down to genetically modified foods via Monsanto and other companies.

  2. These are all whores that you name, they are a lawless bunch of pieces of Garbage, more so the judges. all judges need to be rounded up and incarcerated along with any sheriff who vilaotes the law. these people change laws at a whim when it suits them for an evil agenda.

  3. Those right-wing extremists… like Adams, Washington and Jefferson (without whom we’d still have the Stamp Act and obnoxious taxes on tea).

  4. Colorado is an aka obama stronghold. I am very interested in finding out everything I can here. From what I have seen and heard so far,something is very wrong in Larimer County,Colorado.

    • Yes Tina a thorough investigation into the decades of corruption in Larimer County will show you just how deep it goes I once lived and suffered the tortures of that county It goes DEEP!!!

  5. I didn’t watch the whole vid (limited on time tonight)…but after seeing what she’s been doing to expose this and what’s happening to her – I hope she’s carrying something to protect herself. You know what I mean…

  6. Good news! Jay Sekulow picked up the story on his Facebook page. If anyone can help her, he can! Praise the Lord!

    • Wow! I’m so glad your post is on the radar of Jay Sekulow — an attorney, chief counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice, and a radio-TV talkshow host.
      Congratulations, Grannie!!!! 😀

  7. Looks like the Sherriff’s there are NAZI’S… They took an oath to uphold the Constitution when they were sworn in, not doing a very good job now, are they?

  8. Make this story and YouTube video available to Bill O’Reilly on the Fox channel. He’ll be proactive about getting to story out and pressuring the powers that be in Larimer Co. give an account.

  9. Hello Stacy,
    A couple of years ago, I read about Agenda 21, and for whatever
    reason, I did not investigate it further as much as I should have.
    I was thinking back then, how could this be happening now.
    In the main stream media, There is little mention anywhere about Agenda 21.
    And in alternative news; much the same.
    I recently found out that both my county and city, are engaged
    in contracts with ICLEI. I live in Bellingham, Washinton.
    Two contracts with ICLEI (in our small area) did surprise me at
    first, but within the scope that Whatcom County is a major
    border crossing area, there has to be a connection.
    Agenda 21 bonds local governments through ICLEI to the U.N.
    This is what I have found so far. But you have been researching
    for years.
    I also believe that county and city governments have been
    swindled by ICLEI through money payouts.
    More Important, I did see the video of you being arrested
    for no reason. And that your son was taken for no reason.
    This absolutly stunned me. I find the action deplorable.
    I am hoping at this time, the order was reversed.
    Here in Washington State, we support you, and
    we are praying for you.
    Love you,
    and thankyou,
    Joseph Kycek
    This is not my site, but a person that is exposing ICLEI in
    Bellingham/Whatcom County.
    Thankyou Stacey for bringing out the difference between
    Magistrates and judges.

  10. Northern Colorado is a hotbed of corruption. Stacy Lynne was never served properly. I was never served properly in 2006. These are minor nuisances to the courts. Stacy Lynne had to hunt down the proceedings. I had to hunt down the proceedings. The social worker who took my children from public school spouted some location and 8:00 time the following morning before refusing to re-verbalize this info, and hanging up on me. Stacy was on no dockets. I was on no dockets. Stacy was told to go the the clerks office. I was told to go to the clerk’s office. The clerk could not find me anywhere. I drove to the $ocial $ervice office and demanded the information be released to me- they called the social worker, they paged the social worker, the social worker’s supervisor told me she had no information for me. I frantically went back to the courtrooms, and demanded someone help me. I was sent to the clerk’s office again. After 15 minutes of searching, I was told a courtroom #. When I finally reached the courtroom, everyong was walking out, and mocked for my lateness. To this day Weld county officials mock me for my tardiness.
    I don’t think anyone in this country accurately esitmates the corruption in Northern Colorado, how far they are willing to go, and the danger those of us who speak out, have been placed.



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