Agenda 21: Smart Meters – What's the Big Deal?

The  global powers- that- be have bet the farm on the new “Smart Technology.”  
 National governments and megacorporations are pumping billions of dollars into Smart Grid/Smart Meter/Smart Appliances.  The details and strategy are fully laid out in the 2010 Smart Appliance Smart Grid ReportThis is a 31 page pdf report to industry; manufacturers and retailers to layout the rosy future of Green Technology and how they need to “sell it to their customers.”
The problem is, it’s an invasion of privacy AND the meters make people sick. 

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Dr. Eowyn
8 years ago

One day, we discovered that Pacific Gas & Electricity had sent someone to install a smart meter in our absence — without even notifying us. To add to the outrage, if you want to opt out, it’ll cost you big time. To opt out of the smart meter, PG&E proposes to charge customers a $270 upfront fee, plus a $14 monthly charge or an increase in gas and electric rates, or a $135 upfront charge and a $20 monthly fee or increase in rates.

mianonysmuseMia Nony
8 years ago

Smart meters are illegal under EMF Safety Code law in all countries with electricity. I-L-L-E-G-A-L.
Google Safety Code Six.