Agenda 21 – Smart Growth Gurus Freaking Out

This just in from Rosa Koire, the  liberal democrat speaking out against U.N. Agenda 21, and being labeled a conservative tea partier for her stand!

I was interviewed in February 2012 for the July/August 2012 issue of the American Bar Association’s Probate and Property magazine.  The article is out and it’s a smear.  Classic techniques of omission of mention and manipulation of information were used by the attorney who interviewed me.  Please forward this article and the video I made of our interview below so that people can see yet another example of press distortion when reporting on UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.


“We will not allow this to go unchallenged.  Americans deserve the truth, and are committed to exposing and stopping UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development in their schools, government, clubs, organizations, and media.  We are joining together to break the conspiracy of silence and disinformation surrounding the erection of a global totalitarian government worldwide.

 Awareness is the first step in the Resistance.

Rosa Koire, ASA
Executive Director
Post Sustainability Institute

In my opinion, the 8 page article, “Navigating the Political Challenges to Sustainable Development,”  written by attorney,  James Slaton, is actually very encouraging.  It is not meant to be read by the general public.  It is an insider article for those in the planning and legal professions working to implement Smart Growth/Sustainable Development.  According to his article, the planners think we are a huge, well-funded monolithic force and they’re scrambling to come up with new strategies to deal with us because we’ve been successfully disrupting their Delphi Technique in meeting after meeting across the country.  Here’s a gem of a quote on page 6  by one of the air-head planners,“To us, hating sustainable development is like hating kittens.”

Slaton is a heavy-hitter in the Smart Growth community according to the website of his Louisiana law firm:

Mr. Slaton serves as the Chair of the Land Use and Zoning Committee of the American Bar Association Real Property, Trust and Estate Law Section.  He is the Vice-Chair of the New Orleans Bar Association Real Property Committee.  Mr. Slaton serves as an Associate Member of the Urban Land Institute where he serves on the programming committee for the Louisiana Chapter.  Mr. Slaton is on the Professional Advisors Council of the Northshore Community Foundation.  He is a member of the American, Louisiana State, and New Orleans Bar Associations and an Associate Member of the Urban Land Institute.

Watch the video, read the article, go to a meeting and disrupt the Delphi Technique and check out Rosa’s websites.  She knows what she’s talking about and she’s not afraid to say so!  LOL


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Agenda 21… forcing everybody to live like they’re in Europe whether they would want to or there would be a market for it or not, just because some planners felt it was more orderly.


Go, Rosa! I’m forwarding this on to all my friends and relatives.


If the Smart Growth planners spend an evening watching “House Hunters” on HGTV they’d instantly realize their “high-density” model is doomed in America. The Home and Garden TV cable channel has 24/7 programming featuring singles, couples and families searching for properties to buy or rent. The “wish list” is common to all of them: 1. Minimum 2+ BIG bedrooms, the master big enough for a king-size bed and have an “en suite” bathroom and BIG walk-in closets. 2. A minimum of 2 bathrooms, complete with shower, bathtub and double sink vanity. 3. Large kitchens with granite counters, an island,… Read more »


Interesting take on how this impacts education as well…the redistribution of wealth:


The housing bubble was orchestrated to remove as many from owning private property as possible All part of the agenda. There is rumor of another bubble. Let’s hope that’s all it is. These mental midgets think that living in a decent house and owning it yourself is wrong. We’ve got to fight them. In some cases people to build on and are told they can’t because of some of their crazier environmental BS. The Agenda 21 folks would just love it if our government foreclosed on all of us and put us in high rises in densely packed cities, right… Read more »

Steven Broiles
Steven Broiles

Remember the Georgia Guidestones! The Queen of England, or rather, the power behind the Throne, wants massive and rapid population reduction of this Planet, from seven billion to about one billion (or less). Here’s the deal: Outside of nuclear war (which I would NOT put past them), they have to do it incrementally, thus Agenda 21.
Here’s the real truth: The world is UNDER-populated. We can handle 12 to 14 billion. The Power Elite just doesn’t want to deal with the logistics of it. Once again, their Malthusian Paradigm rules the day!


Think of being under the authority of the moral midgets at the UN. More power to this woman, and all who oppose the Agenda 21 nightmare.

Maui Jim

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