Agenda 21: Seattle Bike Overpass Costs 10 Million Dollars

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Background on Seattle Bike Trails


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5 responses to “Agenda 21: Seattle Bike Overpass Costs 10 Million Dollars

  1. Does the $10 Million include new bikes for all riders?

    How about new tires?

    A bike pump? Flat tires are such a bore.

    And of course, the video was made by a bicycle rider narrating from the INSIDE OF A FLIPPING CAR!!!

    Maybe that means the bikers get a new car for the $10 Mil?

    They gotta save that 60 seconds.

    Time is money…

  2. lowtechgrannie

    The City of Seattle government is obsessed with meeting the Agenda 21 Transportation goals, whatever the cost.

    Aside from the miles and miles of bike trails, the taxpayers have been burdened with the controversial SLUT aka South Lake Union Trolley that runs on rails hazardous to cyclists and does not have enough ridership to justify operating costs. The cost to taxpayers for these is minimal compared to the really BIG PLANS for tunnels and bridge replacements that will cost billions in taxes and tolls for the next 30 years.

    Just because, Bill Gates, Paul Allen and Jeff Bezos live here, it doesn’t mean we’re all BILLIONAIRES, for crying out loud!

    • yeah, the SLUT…what a joke. In fact, Seattle transportation overall is a joke. I swear their goal is to remove all cars… sigh

  3. The politician who thought this one up has got nothing but fresh air and rabbit tracks in his or her head! What an OBSCENE waste of money.

  4. Hey folks, UN Agenda 21 is funded at the top by absolutely corrupt central bankers. The two financial branches of the UN are the privately-owned IMF and World Bank (created by two communists – Keynes and White), afterall.

    UN Agenda 21 is also focused on removing your private property ownership rights as well as your right of freedom of religion. Look it up if you do not believe me. Start here, since it’s not a propaganda site and it’s fully documented, using the UN’s own documentation —


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