Agenda 21: Rio+20 and ICLEI Hypocrites

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   ICLEI Members Admit “Bait and Switch”                                       
6/18/2012   Belo Horizonte, Brazil.
To advance public action on global warming, participants attending the ICLEI World Congress admitted today that they are deliberately employing new terminology to misdirect opponents and gain acceptance of their efforts to reduce energy use and greenhouse gases. By utilizing terms like “sustainability” and “sustainable development,” the group wants to mask its objectives and disarm would-be critics who might otherwise oppose their agenda, ICLEI attendees confided with CFACT representatives at the conference.
Huxley Lawler, Executive Coordinator of Environment and Climate Change of the Gold Coast City Council in Australia (an ICLEI member), told CFACT Executive Director Craig Rucker bluntly that we don’t use the term climate change anymore. It’s sustainable development.” Rucker and CFACT staffer Abdul Kamara confirmed this in conversations with other delegates, including Paul Chambers, a Sustainability Manager for the Auckland Council in New Zealand. Chambers said it is important to use inexact environment protection terminology when dealing with conservative governments…….
The above is excerpt from a June 18, 2012 Press Release from, (Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow) an organization fighting at an international level to expose and stop the ultimate endgame  of  U.N. Agenda 21.

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0 responses to “Agenda 21: Rio+20 and ICLEI Hypocrites

  1. Only people who do ill resort to deception. First, it’s “global warming”. Then, it’s “climate change”. Now, it’s “sustainability”. Reminds me of the successive series of PC-terms for the darker-pigmented.
    Someone should compile a glossary of the Left’s gobbledegook newspeak.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    Can any enterprise or activity that requires ongoing and ever-increasing injections of public money be sustainable?
    My local transit service says that passenger fares cover only 14% of their operating costs. The rest is from federal and state funding. They have cut service 37% over the last 3 years and laid off 100 union employees over the past 6 months in their drive to be “sustainable.” They’d make a lot more money if the local community college operating on public money did not provide FREE bus passes to every student upon admission. Nothing any of these bozos do is sustainable without ever-increasing taxpayer subsidies!


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