Agenda 21: Presentation for Local Officials

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Short and sweet, this should be seen by everyone in local government.  When you get their reaction you can vote accordingly.  A guy running for my local City Council actually puts out campaign literature saying he’s on The Visioning Committee!   I’m sure he has no idea how many votes that cost him.  He lost. LOL!  ~LTG

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6 responses to “Agenda 21: Presentation for Local Officials

  1. LTG-I can’t get anything to come up?

  2. got it LTG_ will be sending around the USA!

  3. Visioning… isn’t that something involving peyote?

  4. A good review…one my little sister might be able to handle. I shudder to think that most of my neighbors have bought into these lies and enthusiastically support this evil plot.

  5. Dime to a doughnut that a lot of these officials don’t even know what Visioning committees are and that they ahve no idea what Agneda 21 will do to their communities. Soem of them are worse than the sheep who voted them in, in the first place.

  6. I have only recently become aware of Agenda 21 in the last several months (I know, where have I been?!); since my discovery, I have been educating myself and am alarmed by what I’ve learned. This is NOT “hysteria” or paranoid delusion–this is honest-to-goodness CONSPIRACY! While poking around the White House website, I found an announcement for something called “America’s Great Outdoors”; you can find the presidential memo here: It doesn’t take too much imagination or “reading between the lines” to figure out what the actual agenda is.
    This is not only scary, it’s New World Order scary.


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