Agenda 21: Politico 3-Pager Avoids the “A” Word


What a hoot!  Politico’s article dances all around using the proper name “Agenda 21” in connection with the Rio 2012 Conference but goes into great detail to  describe the pickle Skippy and the Gang are in.  The White House and State Department are already leading an internal working group on the Rio conference with about 15 agencies, including the EPA, the Energy and Commerce departments, the U.S. Trade Representative and the U.S. Agency for International Development. 

“We look at Rio as an excellent opportunity to bring the world community together, to give a lot of energy and activity toward promoting sustainable development into the future,” a senior U.S. official said.

But, Obama won’t commit to a trip to RIO in 2012 because it’s such a polarizing issue and he doesn’t want to give the conservatives ammo.  Remember the early days when he actually had political capital? He gassed up Air Force One and the presidential fleet and jetted  off  to the fiasco that was Copenhagen and schlepped back home like a whipped puppy.  (Remember the Danish hookers who literally “laid it on the line” to service to conference participants?)

We have the video of Fearless leader and Agenda 21 kingpin, Sha Zukang, ranting his hatred of America, and defending China’s sovereignty rights, but according to Politico, he was doing  “major suck up” to America in a speech at the National Press Club.

 What are the consequences he can expect in the sovereign state of the Peoples Republic of China if he fails in accomplishing the United Nations /Agenda 21 assignment?     

This Politico Article is a “keeper”!   Read more:


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9 years ago

The Chinese guiy managed to stereotype himself. What a tirade!!! Hysterical is what it was. But scary, because this is the mentality.

Panama corporation
9 years ago

SUMMARY The Politico falsely reported that in a background document distributed by national Republicans the National Republican Senatorial Committee accuses Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie of having connections to … the Communist Party of America. However the NRSC background document to which the Politico presumably referred did not accuse Ritchie of connections to the Communist Party USA — claiming only that t he Communist Party USA wrote encouragingly of his candidacy — and insofar as the documents reference to the Communist Party USA suggested a link to Ritchie it did not back up the suggestion with any evidence.