Agenda 21: PG&E Smart Meter – Can You Opt Out ?

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4 responses to “Agenda 21: PG&E Smart Meter – Can You Opt Out ?

  1. I was just about to say that Steve “for now it is a choice”. Next time they come around there may be some armed escorts with them to “persuade” you to switch.

  2. Like most freedom-sucking ideas, it’s worst in California where PG&E is gong full blast with the “Smart” meter conversion. They “say” it’s optional, but just the other day, husband and I discovered a smart meter installed on our gas gauge! — without our knowledge, even less our permission.

    • That is low Eowyn it seems that PG&E has taken the crook route and waited until you and your husband stepped out to do the deed.

  3. Yeah, it’s really going to smart when I stick that meter up their ass when they come around here looking to install it.



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