Agenda 21 – Pacific Legal Foundation Fights for Freedom

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3 responses to “Agenda 21 – Pacific Legal Foundation Fights for Freedom

  1. In Ireland they moved a whole highway at a cost of millions to save a small snail which consequently died out after all the waste of money. Willful waste makes woeful want. No snail, maggot or fly is worth a single human life and as for those half-wits who banned DDT… Need I say more. These people like to pull feathers from the Bird of Freedom’s wings.

  2. Just more proof that today’s government is all about destroying freedoms, rather than protecting them….sigh

  3. I have kept up with agenda 21 smart growth for several years. This country is headed down the abyss with no hope. Many oppose at city council meetings, but are ignored. America is trashed big time. Are we a nation of zombies? Few seem to care or know whats going on.


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