Agenda 21-Obama & Rural America Flooded by Army Corp of Engineers?

The headline of this post that includes the words “flooded by Army Corp of Engineers” is my take on the noxious timing of Executive Order 13575.   I’d ask the White House about the timing of this particular action, considering the millions of acres of farmland in the heartland currently underwater courtesy of Mother Nature with an assist by the Army Corp of Engineers.  Of  course, I’m just a cynical old grannie.  ~LTG


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I came across this comment when searching for information on the Army Corps of Engineers in Arizona in response to their transformation of my property into a flood zone over night. No one seems to want to answer to this determination. I live in the desert – no water sources and no chance of mud slides and yet we are talking about $1300 a year – over $30,000 over the life of the mortgage for a home built in 1949 with no hope of ever recovering the dollar investment or chance of it ever being flooded. I have been led… Read more »


It is a money grab by the govt and step one in “legally” stealing your land for The Wildlands Project which is tied to Agenda 21.