Agenda 21: Mayors Will Lead at 2012 Conference in Rio

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I caught this on the BBC broadcast on PBS tonight.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg in New York City says it’s up to the cities to take the leadership role in “Climate Change” because states and feds have dropped the ball.  Every city and county in the country is tied into Agenda 21 through membership in unelected World Government through  ICLEI.                                See Bloomberg’s interview here.

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0 responses to “Agenda 21: Mayors Will Lead at 2012 Conference in Rio

  1. He’s the idiot full of hot air…

  2. I agree he is a true idiot with a God complex and not just about climate change.

  3. I so dislike that man.

  4. The new outdoor ban on smoking in NYC didn’t make him feel powerful enough, I guess.

  5. Someone needs to stomp this short little sawed off rat in the ground.

  6. Sage:
    Where can we find all of these Executive Orders?


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