Agenda 21 is Ready to Rumble!

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January 10, 2012 – Turning the tables on a government indoctrination meeting. We will not be Good Germans.
Citizens came together to anti-Delphi a public indoctrination session for ONE BAY AREA PLAN in the San Francisco Bay Area. A series of meetings are being held in all 9 counties to get ‘community buy-in’ for this regionalization of our area. ONE BAY AREA will erase local boundaries and impose a new framework of non-representative government on the more than 7 million residents of the SF Bay Area. The plan is to build ‘smart growth’ using our transportation tax dollars and restrict future development to specific locations. Social engineering designed to dictate where and how we live over the next 25 years will be imposed by directing the $200 billion in tax dollars only to cities that go along with the plan.
Democrats Against UN Agenda 21, Post Sustainability Institute, the East Bay Tea Party, other local Tea Parties, Santa Rosa Neighborhood Coalition, and other groups put aside political differences we may have and came together to anti-Delphi this meeting. Delphi is a mind control technique developed by the RAND Corporation in the 1960’s to manipulate groups of people to accept that plans presented to them were ‘their idea’ when in reality the meetings were managed to direct people to a pre-determined outcome unaffected by their input. This method is being used on us by our government and it’s consultants in these planning meetings.

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0 responses to “Agenda 21 is Ready to Rumble!

  1. This is encouraging! — that Democrats and Tea Partiers in the SF Bay Area are united in common purpose against Agenda 21.

    • Yes! They all showed up with flyers explaining the Delphi Technique and how to disrupt it.
      The “presenters” who portray themselves as volunteers but are really trained staffers of the various implementing organizations were pretty shook up. They’re not used to people who refuse to be Delphi’d.

      • Real public meetings have parliamentary procedure, not Delphi technique to “handle” the public’s concerns.

  2. Ah, the Delphi techique… ask for input, get participant buy-in and then do what the heck you want anyway.

    • Yep! Claim everybody agrees.
      Group decision-making means no individual can be held responsible if it all hits the fan later on.

  3. What happened to the 5th and last video down the list by Rosa Koire?
    It seems to have disappeared from your website.

  4. Anyone know if there’s a template for a general flyer regarding being Delphi-ed? One that is simple and concise that can be in a tr-fold handout? They’re starting a Growth Policy revision in my county. Usually no one even shows but the shills and government and a couple three real people. And maybe the local media rag reporter, x- waiter/cook for a local restaurant that went bust, who’s also the editor, usually shows (by request) just to make the theater look legit.


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