Agenda 21 – ICLEI Citizens Have their Say

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Rosa Koire just sent this video of their meeting at a San Carlos, CA city council meeting where the members are educated  by their constituents about property rights and the United Nations Agenda 21 and urged to discontinue their ICLEI membership.

Per Rosa:
Dear Friends,
I want to share this with you because you are fighting UN Agenda
21/Sustainable Development.  This video is a record of our efforts to
get ICLEI out of San Carlos, CA.  Through the courage and perseverance
of Vice Mayor Matt Grocott this was placed on the council agenda.
Activists from all over the San Francisco Bay Area came to urge the
San Carlos City Council to sever their membership in ICLEI.  This
short 22 minute video will assist you in your struggle to free our
country of the shadow of UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development.  Bring
this to light in your city, call it by name, stand together, and speak
out.  Even if you are not able to break this grip and purge it from
your governing documents at one session, you will destroy the
conspiracy of silence and remove the green mask.

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0 responses to “Agenda 21 – ICLEI Citizens Have their Say

  1. Obama’s cabinet!

    • Yes, they’re beyond sleazy………….. but, they’re all coming up for re-election. They’ve shown their stripes here. A really committed group of citizen activists could do a lot of damage to the campaigns of these aspiring politicians. What fun!

  2. After hearing all that the chues still voted to stay in ICLEI, why???

    • Because the citizens who vote are their target group, not their peer group—other political officials higher up the food chain. Target groups are only good for votes during an election cycle. Aside from that, peer group approval is how they move up the political ladder.
      The good news is, come re-election time, an ingeniously motivated target group (activist voters) can cut the rungs off the ladder and end a political career FAST. The most Machiavellian activist planners are upper middle class menopausal women with a bee in their bonnet.
      There’s a certain case I’m reflecting on that has too much back story to tell. Suffice it to say, the man seeking a higher position ended up moving to the other end of the state, as far away as possible. LOL!

  3. Speaking for myself, that’s not the reason I voted to continue the City’s membership in ICLEI. There were several reasons, including:
    – My research did not validate the key opposition information that had been provided on this subject. In fact, what I uncovered directly contradicted much of what was presented.
    – Analyzing the material, and the statements of many of the speakers, indicated that there was a significant amount of “conspiracy thinking” present. I don’t generally believe in conspiracies, and particularly not the sinister global ones masterminded by a secret cabal of thousands of members – it’s not credible
    – It would not be in the interest of my community to take away a tool needed to stay in compliance with California law
    Voting to terminate the membership based on the information provided would have been a violation of my oath of office, and of my duty to my community

  4. Mark is both… I’m just glad my reps here in Oklahoma are opposed to it and big fans of open carry…

  5. Thisisnotamerica

    It’s sad that so ,many people have now been conditioned by the mainstream media to bark “conspiracy theorist!!” on command when hearing various words and obvious truths that might disrupt the status quo of the global power dynamic.
    I’m not sure how we can reeducate — or, rather, decondition — these folks into a more normal state of mind, in which they simply look at and assess evidence presented to them, and then make a judgment based on the quality of that evidence.
    The San Carlos meeting offered several uncehallenged instances of the city simply lying to its people, but none of that matters to people who are conditioned to bark on command.
    Their barking, as intended, drowns out any reasonable conversation on the topic at hand.


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