Agenda 21-Huffpo Hack's Bias Exposed by Rosa Koire

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We owe a debt of gratitude to Rosa Koire for getting out a heads-up on this.  She was approached by Huffpo “journalist”, Andrew Reinbach, who wanted an interview for a story he was doing about U.N. Agenda 21.  The main thrust of the interview was his determination to blame the “vast rightwing conspiracy” aka John Birch Society for making an issue of the harmless little non-binding Agenda 21. 
Rosa laid it on the line…. BIG TIME!   She blogged about it on her website and posted the  interview on Youtube! 

When you read his article, it’s as if the 44 minute interview with Rosa never happened.  It didn’t fit the narrative of tin foil hat JBS paranoia he had in mind . 

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0 responses to “Agenda 21-Huffpo Hack's Bias Exposed by Rosa Koire

  1. Thank you Rosa.

  2. She kicked his butt, and he therefore chose to ignore her. Why bother with the facts if they’re gonna make you look bad?

  3. This woman, Rosa Koire, has seemingly infinite patience. Reinbach is a stuttering libturd and he presses his own agenda and opinion pandering to Koire to agree with him. I’ve heard this “type” of interview multiple times on NPR. If memory serves it’s typically been Leonard Lopate asking the guest to the effect of “Didn’t you really mean this?” And the guest saying “No!” and screwing up the liberal slant on whatever was being discussed.
    In short, she seems to have some spine and credibility and Reinbach is a liberal sheeple. I couldn’t take much of this poorly conducted interview but I get the drift.

  4. Agenda 21 is patterned after Hitler’s Final Solution, but on a Global scale. Once all people and properties are accounted for, the murder will begin.
    Siting on the table before me is, as below.
    Global Environmentalism: Agenda 21’s Impact on America, Conference Workbook, 1992.
    This workbook was co-authored by David Foreman(Co-founder of Earth First).It details how every aspect of our lives vwill be catagorized into a system of absolute government control. Project 21 is all about depopulating all people who resist the Greening fo America.
    Think about it; Bill Clinton, Al Gore Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obaba, have been/are all useful tools of Agenda 21 enforcement.

  5. You go, Rosa the Warrior!

  6. Rosa, Thanks for being such a warrior princess! You rock sista! The propaganda machine is in full swing, but you handled it well.

  7. Just an observation on these stuttering, sniveling proponents of NWO depopulation plans. These hubris powered pseudo-intellects never think they will be included in such depopulation schemes. They consider themselves part of the saved elite for having understood the scheme to begin with. These atheist/Marxists are self-imposed shut-ins and have nothing of value to contribute to society and so have scads of time to mentally board the NWO bandwagon. We see this clearly in this video as never does our zero, Little Andy Reinbach, say “You know, it’s only right that I off myself so as not to destroy the planet.” Perhaps he’ll have a change of heart and “get with the program”. I can only hope.

    • lowtechgrannie

      He said several times that he’s 65 years old. With the “ethics panels/death panels” of Obamacare, there’s a toe-tag in his not far distant future.


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