Agenda 21: How Big Brother’s Plugging You In

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First, watch the warm-fuzzy PR campaign:

The MSM Investigates Complaints

An Expert Explains

The Big Picture

Weekly truth & liberty news commentary regarding UN Agenda 21; PGE; EMF / RF; smart meters;; smart meters; smart grid; Eagle Forum Conference, SacramentoRelated websites:
Video with information regarding health protection against radiation:
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One response to “Agenda 21: How Big Brother’s Plugging You In

  1. I live close to dallas, tx and need agenda 21 lawyer stat.
    i understand someone in texas helps texans with lawsuits.
    city has agenda 21 issues and are forcing them on citizens.
    I’ve tried and tried to seek. I understand agenda 21 goes right along with U.N. smart meters.
    mo payne
    no website


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