Agenda 21 for Dummies

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Tom DeWeese of the American Policy Center has put together an excellent one pager to educate people about Agenda 21 policies, the intent and how it is meant to affect every person on the planet!  Thanks, Tom, this is a great tool!  ~LTG

Agenda 21 In One Easy Lesson

Awareness of Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development is racing across the nation as citizens in community after community are learning what their city planners are actually up to. As awareness grows, I am receiving more and more calls for tools to help activists fight back. Many complain that elected officials just won’t read detailed reports or watch long videos. “Can you give us something that is quick, and easy to read that we can hand out,” I’m asked.

So here it is. A one page, quick description of Agenda 21 that fits on one page. I’ve also included for the back side of your hand out a list of quotes for the perpetrators of Agenda 21 that should back up my brief descriptions.

A word of caution, use this as a starter kit, but do not allow it to be your only knowledge of this very complex subject. To kill it you have to know the facts. Research, know your details; discover the NGO players in your community; identify who is victimized by the policies and recruit them to your fight; and then kill Agenda 21. That’s how it must be done. The information below is only your first step. Happy hunting.  

What is Sustainable Development?

According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity, and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Sustainablists insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components; global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction.

Social Equity (Social injustice)

Social justice is described as the right and opportunity of all people “to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.” Redistribution of wealth. Private property is a social injustice since not everyone can build wealth from it. National sovereignty is a social injustice. Universal health care is a social injustice. All part of Agenda 21 policy.

Economic Prosperity

Public Private Partnerships (PPP). Special dealings between government and certain, chosen corporations which get tax breaks, grants and the government’s power of
Eminent Domain to implement sustainable policy. Government-sanctioned monopolies.

Local Sustainable Development policies

Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Resilient Cities, Regional Visioning Projects, STAR Sustainable Communities, Green jobs, Green Building Codes, “Going Green,” Alternative Energy, Local Visioning, facilitators, regional planning, historic preservation, conservation easements, development rights, sustainable farming, comprehensive planning, growth management, consensus.

Who is behind it?

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability (formally, International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives). Communities pay ICLEI dues to provide “local” community plans, software, training, etc. Addition groups include American Planning Council, The Renaissance Planning Group, International City/ County Management Group, aided by US Mayors Conference, National Governors Association, National League of Cities, National Association of County Administrators and many more private organizations and official government agencies. Foundation and government grants drive the process.

Where did it originate?

The term Sustainable Development was first introduced to the world in the pages a 1987 report (Our Common Future) produced by the United Nations World Commission on Environmental and Development, authored by Gro Harlem Brundtland, VP of the World Socialist Party. The term was first offered as official UN policy in 1992, in a document called UN Sustainable Development Agenda 21, issued at the UN’s Earth Summit, today referred to simply as Agenda 21.

What gives Agenda 21 Ruling Authority?

More than 178 nations adopted Agenda 21 as official policy during a signing ceremony at the Earth Summit. US president George H.W. Bush signed the document for the US. In signing, each nation pledge to adopt the goals of Agenda 21. In 1995, President Bill Clinton, in compliance with Agenda 21, signed Executive Order #12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Development in order to “harmonize” US environmental policy with UN directives as outlined in Agenda 21. The EO directed all agencies of the Federal Government to work with state and local community governments in a joint effort “reinvent” government using the guidelines outlined in Agenda 21. As a result, with the assistance of groups like ICLEI, Sustainable Development is now emerging as government policy in every town, county and state in the nation.

Revealing Quotes From the Planners

“Agenda 21 proposes an array of actions which are intended to be implemented by EVERY person on Earth…it calls for specific changes in the activities of ALL people… Effective execution of Agenda 21 will REQUIRE a profound reorientation of ALL humans, unlike anything the world has ever experienced… ” Agenda 21: The Earth Summit Strategy to Save Our Planet (Earthpress, 1993). Emphases – DR

Urgent to implement – but we don’t know what it is!

The realities of life on our planet dictate that continued economic development as we know it cannot be sustained…Sustainable development, therefore is a program of action for local and global economic reform – a program that has yet to be fully defined.” The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, published by ICLEI, 1996.

No one fully understands how or even, if, sustainable development can be achieved; however, there is growing consensus that it must be accomplished at the local level if it is ever to be achieved on a global basis.” The Local Agenda 21 Planning Guide, published by ICLEI, 1996.

Agenda 21 and Private Property

“Land…cannot be treated as an ordinary asset, controlled by individuals and subject to the pressures and inefficiencies of the market. Private land ownership is also a principal instrument of accumulation and concentration of wealth, therefore contributes to social injustice.” From the report from the 1976 UN’s Habitat I Conference.

Private land use decisions are often driven by strong economic incentives that result in several ecological and aesthetic consequences…The key to overcoming it is through public policy…” Report from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development, page 112.

Current lifestyles and consumption patterns of the affluent middle class – involving high meat intake, use of fossil fuels, appliances, home and work air conditioning, and suburban housing are not sustainable.” Maurice Strong, Secretary General of the UN’s Earth Summit, 1992.

Reinvention of Government

We need a new collaborative decision process that leads to better decisions, more rapid change, and more sensible use of human, natural and financial resources in achieving our goals.” Report from the President’s Council on Sustainable Development

“Individual rights will have to take a back seat to the collective.” Harvey Ruvin, Vice Chairman, ICLEI. The Wildlands Project

“We must make this place an insecure and inhospitable place for Capitalists and their projects – we must reclaim the roads and plowed lands, halt dam construction, tear down existing dams, free shackled rivers and return to wilderness millions of tens of millions of acres or presently settled land.” Dave Foreman, Earth First.

What is not sustainable?

Ski runs, grazing of livestock, plowing of soil, building fences, industry, single family homes, paves and tarred roads, logging activities, dams and reservoirs, power line construction, and economic systems that fail to set proper value on the environment.” UN’s Biodiversity Assessment Report.

Hide Agenda 21’s UN roots from the people

Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy- fixated groups and individuals in our society… This segment of our society who fear ‘one-world government’ and a UN invasion of the United States through which our individual freedom would be stripped away would actively work to defeat any elected official who joined ‘the conspiracy’ by undertaking LA21. So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.” J. Gary Lawrence, advisor to President Clinton’s Council on Sustainable Development.

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38 responses to “Agenda 21 for Dummies

  1. Wild lands or wild minds? Wild damming has been done over 100 years. Now the wild ones want them to destroyed. What would happen if all the world’s dams were demolished, their reservoirs released mega tons of water, and a sudden transfer of potential energy to kinetic. Will our orb spin out of balance through perturbation of the planet’s axis of spin, aka, rotational precession? Like a spinning top, its spin of momentum will slow and the axis will tilt a few degrees and its rotation will wobble. Should that occurs, the satellites and other junk orbiting the earth will also become unstable? If unstable here and above, the balance of forces maintaining their orbits will be perturbed as the earth’s. How many com-sats will be uncontrollable and crash down on us?
    If the Kessler scenario eventuates, a cascade as if a billiard table scattered with 100 balls on the felt and struck by the cue ball, what do you think will be the result? Can you imagine the impact of a mere 5 mm nut hurtling to earth at the velocity nearly at 20,000 mph, could could collapse a small building.
    Quote: “It might not sound like much of a threat until one realizes that in low-Earth orbit, ‘. . . these objects are typically going at about 7.5 kilometers per second, or almost 17,000 miles per hour,’ said, physicist James Mason, a NASA contract scientist at the Universities Space Research Association. ‘To put this in perspective, a 1-ounce piece of debris traveling at this velocity has about the same kinetic energy as a 2-ton car traveling at 60 miles per hour.”‘
    Can you imagine if the debris were the size of a truck striking the Sears Tower? At least 600,000 bits of ‘debris’ can come down as fiery bullets, cannon balls, or bombs. Sodom was destroyed by heavenly fireballs, but their destruction was only unto Sodom/Gomorrah. This rain of fire from the sky will be worldwide. Christ knew these events will appear in the last days, but He did not elaborate the cause.

  2. Please forgive my careless editing.

  3. quite a few years ago, I visited the UN website for the first time. I don’t know about now, but UN Agenda was readily available at their web site. Although some of the language was convoluted; if oneread carefully it was clear exactly what the plan was and is. Over time, many “change agents:” have wormed their way into our local, state, and federal governments to institute the changes that will further their agenda. In the beginning as now as well, these people have used meetingsin local, state and federal government to foment consensus that fits their design. Those who dissent, are made to look bad, and the fools that go along with the consensus end up doing things that these change agents are there to make sure gets done.

    Just look up the Delphi technique,

    Also the following search page will give you quite a few links to sites that will explain everything a lot better than I can.

    I am still a little surprised at how few of us really know what they have been doing for so long; but the disguises of their agenda and how they operate are ingenious

    Several of us in our regular from the right chat room discussed this for the past 13 years, and yet a lot of it may have fallen on deaf ears. Some even called us conspiracy theorists. Well they can’t anymore,

    God save our Sovereign nation

  4. Few of us are aware of this undermining… Agenda 21 for Dummies…

  5. Well folks, engage brain a bit. There is but one way all of this can be foisted upon us all. When you insist upon being Governed and thereby agree to sacrifice your individual sanctity, Agenda 21 is what you will get, and it is what you deserve. It’s punishment for your abdication of your very own Right to Life.
    GOVERN may be okay for tractors, but it’s not meant for real live human beings. As the dominoes of Collapse continue to fall, we will have one last opportunity to save the human mind and spirit. Unless you turn to a Voluntary System, which denies Force, you might as well kiss your buns goodbye. Restoration of your Right to Life hangs in the balance.

  6. This is David R. You people are going down and there is nothing you can do about it. We have dumbed down the children to the point were we own them. HA HA HA. THE WORLD IS MINE!!!!!!

  7. I hate to tell yout his folks, but part of this movement can be seen in everyday life and to many, appears to be a good thing . . . Anti-drug and anit-smoking laws, pro-homosexual and pro-transsexual laws . . . All of which are designed to control society as a whole . . . It is a delicate balance that at it’s core wants to control personal behavior while at the same time saying there is no ultimate truth – No right and wrong – No God! The Earth itself is to be worshipped and we humans to be considered equal partners with the plants and animals. All of this in spite of the fact that IF we are honest with ourselves, in our hearts and minds we KNOW some things are wrong and humans have a special place in God’s creation! However, if the liberals of Agenda 21 have their way, humans lose and in the end, so will the entire world!

  8. Fred,we need to pound Congress and especially the Republican candidates, dismantle agenda 21-start spreading around every blog. You do not hear it much,people are not aware and rather to trusting. The young crowd,need to know and be made aware. The UN needs to be run clear out of the United STates of America. (the lefts partner)

  9. Forget about the Republicans or who ever else, go for Independants and even check them out. ALL parties are for this New World Order. Have you ever heard one talk against it or expose it. Jesus is aware but we have to go through bad times as with SUNDAY LAW. Look up that and see from the Bible that soon the Vatican and the USA will no longer have seperation of church and state, and learn that is what the whole thing is about. The beasts of Revelation are the Vatican and the USA. as I said SUNDAY LAW EXPLAISN IT WELL.

  10. Don’t forget your tinfoil hats everyone. They’ll protect you from the harmful radio waves and gamma radiation put out by the Agenda 21 supporters cell phones and secret satellites.

  11. Look no further than the back upper left hand corner of our one dollar bill. That says it all. NWO has been talked about IN public addresses by presidents as George Bush Sr. erc. Coincides with the Bilderburger Societys rantings as well.

    • right Richard. GHW Bush should be charged for treason and not allowed to live out his sorry a$$ life in comfort. The list is long,they must be dealt with.

  12. Agenda 21 looks good on the surface. But then you dig deep and you know that it sucks.

  13. Bitter Clinger

    Tin foil hat or not, this Agenda 21 stuff is scary. Anything that was originally authored by a socialist and/or contains the phrase ‘social justice’ or ‘social equity’ is all I need to know for me to be against it. Enough of this ‘green energy’ ‘sustainability’ bullsh*t. Tell me where to start to dismantle it.

  14. Steven Broiles

    The word “Soviet” means “of the best counsel” or words to that effect. In other words, before anyone can do anything, all parties have to be consulted for their two cents’ worth.
    On the surface, this sounds wise. Wait one minute!
    The problem with collectivism of any sort is that it violates the principle of subsidiartity. Agenda 21, a brand-new shiny New World Order LEMON, is just another haggard, hackneyed commie game of government sticking its nose in other people’s business where it does not belong. Case in point: The town of Tombstone, AZ had a problem with running water. The broken pipes to the town could not be replaced, you see, because they ran through a National Forest. But that was no longer America’s or the Dept. of the Interior’s concern, because the National Forests were already under the jurisdiction of Agenda 21.
    We used to have the common sense to call this for what is really is: Communism. That was before the 1960s doped everybody up and dumbed everybody down! Agenda 21 really means, “If you want your problem solved, what’s in it for me? (Wink, wink).”

  15. Some good news. In June 2012 Alabama banned UN Agenda 21.“sustainable-development”

  16. Reblogged this on Otad12's Blog.

  17. Whatever happened to the Constitution? “We the sheeple” have a right to bear arms against enemies both foreign and domestic. An unarmed citizen isn’t much of a threat. Look into FEMA concentration camps and guillotines.
    RFID chips…just like tracking a pet!

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  20. There is a well written book that disects Agenda 21; how it came about and what it means to the future of the USA if it is not stopped. The book is called “Look What Happened While You Were Sleeping”.

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  23. This has been going on for a very long time. Its all coming to a head and there is nothing we can do about it. I suppose we should be still and start listening to our maker. Maybe in doing this we will find peace to make it through to the end. Its good to see so many people who actually care. Peace & Love.

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  25. Thank you for posting this article. If we can fight it anywhere, we should. If ppl don’t listen, then Lord have mercy!

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