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US Secretary of Education acknowledges UNESCO’S 65-year input in our education system. ( Remember the pre-UN days when education was based on tradition knowledge-based academics?) ~LTG

Jed Brown, the champion of traditional knowledge-based curricum and teaching methods in Washington State, summed up the UNESCO-based system in this 1995 video clip:

More clips from The People vs The Educational Confederacy here.  Jed Brown died of cancer in September, 2009.  His articles and more about his fight to restore academics to public education is at

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3 responses to “Agenda 21- Education from UNESCO – The Insect Society

  1. If we could only reverse the Reagan era policy that eliminated most civics instruction, based on some misbegotten notion that we didn’t need to inform our children of the fragility and treasure of the Constitution, the political process and the high demands of living in a Constitutional Republic. I don’t think his decision was a Republican one, but it was the final decision to streamline the curriculum that did it, and it was part of a long process, begun many years before Mr. Reagan got into office. We are reaping the harvest of such policies.

  2. lowtechgrannie

    My friend, Kelleigh forwarded this email from our mutual friend, Bill, who has been a high school history teacher in California for over 20 years.

    “….I was/am still? on a committee that reflected this left wing thinking for US History. The group consisted of representatives from all of the high schools and its purpose was/is to direct the preparation questions for the entire district for the standardized tests that are given each April. I was the only white male in the group, so naturally the questions and focus turned to political correctness, requiring questions emphasizing the “contributions” made by women and minorities, and NONE by anyone else. I am easily the oldest member of the group, one woman being in her 50s and everyone else in their 20s and 30s. Their emphasis is on post civil war era material as that is the focus of the state framework, but what they want to focus on is “American Imperialism” women’s rights, the Civil Rights movement, etc.

    And that will be what it taught in high schools in our district, as it is all across America. They are nice people, but they are essentially clueless about their own subject matter as they’ve been brainwashed by the left wing teacher who taught them who were in turn brainwashed by the communist professors who taught them. I tell ya Kel, as I look at the crap that is happening right now, I am convinced that this is really going to be it for the USA. We have a traitor in the White House who taught Constitutional Law and who tramples on the Constitution every day; we have a Senate and President that believe that we need to INCREASE the national debt rather than reduce it as their definition of cutting the budget is to supposedly reduce the increase in spending somewhat rather than to spend less nextyear than they spend this year. And we live in a world in which record earthquakes, storms, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. are doing record damage on a daily basis. And none of these jerks has even the remotest idea what any of this stuff means in terms of the ultimate end because everything that is taught is distorted to suit the left. I teach the truth, but honestly Kel, it is hopeless. For every kid I reach, there are 8-10 that I don’t reach.

    I just read 2 days ago that for the first time in history there were more non-white babies born last year than caucasian babies born in the USA, and that pretty much guarantees that in the future the truth will never be told again since it is quite obvious that if there is already an anti-white bias being taught with a white majority population in the country, the anti-white bias will only get worse as the white population shrinks in relation to the size of the rest of the population of the country.

    The white male heterosexual Christian veteran has become the poster child in the schools today of biggotry and hatred. And it all started in the 60s with the anti Vietnam War movement and the drug “culture” that glorified “peace” and “love.”
    So when the idiot elected a black Islamist President who hates Israel and chooses to bow down to the King of Saudi Arabia while insulting the British royal family, I think it is pretty fair to say, “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more.”

  3. The comments above merely prove the point that we have absolutely no education regarding real civics in the US. The comments show how bad it is. It breaks my heart, not only because of the reverence I have for the Constitution, but also for the reverence I have for what the US could be without the UN-American, UN-constitutional, UN-representative, government we have, which is rUN by the bankers, fraudsters, border-ignorers, and anti-Americans through the Federal Reserve, Lobbyists, influence marketers, and outright traitors to the nation.


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