Agenda 21 – Bubba Does Abu Dhabi

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In advance of the Rio+20 Earth Summit scheduled this June, 2012, the United Nations is holding numerous conferences to gin up the global “stakeholders” for the big show.   Last month they had the “Eye on the Earth” summit in Abu Dhabi.  Bill “Bubba” Clinton was the keynote speaker.
At the 3:10 mark he says,The economic model that we have been following is not sustainable.”   Now what does he mean by that?

The Eye on Earth Summit, held in Abu Dhabi from 12th to 15th December, brings together the world’s foremost thinkers about environmental information to reflect on how we can ensure that decision-makers everywhere take wiser decisions. Dozens of speakers with the caliber of President Bill Clinton, Dame Jane Goodall, UAE President H.E. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan or Conservation International boss Russell Mittermeier are helping delegates formulate concrete recommendations for the next Earth Summit, to held in Rio in June 2012.
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0 responses to “Agenda 21 – Bubba Does Abu Dhabi

  1. Well I hope he means the Keynesian model that the BO admin is following…

  2. Another Al Gore in the making. Why do we listen to these MORONS, the Governments are destroying the world with wars and destruction, now shut the hell up Bill Clinton and get people to live in peace you warmonger SOB. You let Monsanto and other big corporations do what they please even though you know the DAMAGE they are causing! Semper Fi.

  3. Clinton’s= Treason.

  4. This is just Billy Jeff’s inner commie coming out.
    Not that this should surprise anyone who has actually been paying attention.


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