Agenda 21: Atheist Sha Zukang Wishes God Will Bless Rio +20

In preparation for the Rio+20 Conference in 2012, UN kingpin Sha Zukang lays out all the  participants and the goals they hope to achieve including a new financial system based on a green economy, regional banks, a global environmental organization, all the usual sustainability snake oil,  and ends declaring that he doesn’t believe in God; but, he hopes God will “bless us.”
This has only had 30 hits so far on Youtube. 

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8 years ago

People like him, liberals always believe in God when their agenda is on the line.

Dr. Eowyn
8 years ago

Since Sha doesn’t believe in God, then to which god is he asking for “a blessing”? I dread to think….

Rich Young
8 years ago

Dictators consider themselves to be God. They bless each other. Obama is his God one day, he Obama’s another.

8 years ago

This stinking pile of dung in New York, known as United Nations, should be evicted and relocated to China. The building would make terrific housing for homeless veterans, don’t you think?