Agenda 21- A Victory for Property Rights !

Everyone who has seen Rosa Koire’s videos explaining the loss of Property Rights through Eminent Domain and Land-Use issues of Agenda 21:  Here’s a victory!  The headline below links to the article describing the courts decision to strike down California redevelopment agencies by Feb 1st.

Redevelopment Agencies are expected to cease to exist by February 1st

L.A. lawmakers vote to discard redevelopment agency

The Los Angeles City Council voted Wednesday to relinquish control of its redevelopment agency, leaving the task of shutting down hundreds of millions of dollars in activities to some other branch of government.
On a 9-3 vote, the council decided to in effect walk away from the agency and 192 employees.
The vote came one day after the city’s financial analysts warned that the budget, which is already in dire shape, could face more than $109 million in costs if it took responsibility for redevelopment, which is being eliminated statewide.The reality of the situation is the CRA [Community Redevelopment Agency] as we know it is dead,” said Council President Herb Wesson. “And I think it’s time for us to take it off of the machine.
The vote took place despite opposition from union officials, affordable housing advocates and lobbyists for real estate interests. Councilman Richard Alarcon voted against the move, saying the council should use “every minute” of the next two days reviewing the legal issues.
“We should fight for these employees. We should fight for these projects. We should fight in court if necessary,” he said.
Under the state law that killed redevelopment, each local government must decide whether to become a so-called “successor” to its redevelopment agency. With L.A. no longer in play, the County Board of Supervisors could decide to do so.   Full Story

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8 years ago

Yay! 🙂

international law firm

Do you think a large portion of America would willingly give up their Liberty for so called cradle to grave Nanny state, government directed lives?
And what Percentage do you think would fight government control to retain self ownership and Liberty even though it may mean suffering through tough times?

6 years ago

California State govt has put forth Senate Bill 1-“Agenda 21- “the right to take your private property and build sustainable communities. Ben Swann has it on his site. Time for the State communist govt to “cease and desist” these rats are inviting Californians to throw them all out.