Age Activated ADHD Or Why Nothing Gets Done

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~Steve~            H/T My Lovely Bride
Yea I know how to suck up.. 😀

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0 responses to “Age Activated ADHD Or Why Nothing Gets Done

  1. Funnies Video I have seen in a very long time. I laughed so hard I cried. That could have been me doing all that crazy stuff as it’s so much like my day each day.

    • Now I thought we’d solved this about a month ago, didn’t we ? You’re younger than I am, so I know that your memory’s better than mine….
      OK, now where were we….
      Oh yes, you were going to remember that we did this about a month ago, and we solved it then, didn’t we? And, we agreed that our consumption of alcoholic beverages made us healthier, happier, and much more wiserer! I know that 1.5 ls of red wine per day makes my life SO much better!
      OK, now, so we were going to umm, don’t rush me, we were about to…. Never mind.
      Write if you get work, and all best, Joseph

      • You did? And no, I haven’t forgotten!

        • You and Joseph should take your act on the road. LOL
          Love ya both! 😀

          • OK, this sounds good, make some money with a Road Show, as in a Bob Hope movie, like “The Road to Bali” and “The Road to Oz” and… wait a minute, how did that little girl get in here?
            Followed a yellow brick what? Steve, Yo, STEVE!! Help me outta here!

        • Not fair! You can’t ask me back what I forgot when I asked you!
          You’re younger, and as my seven yr old son would have said, “You’re a good rememberer!”

          • Thank God you remembered you have a son!
            And about that house that fell on me– after three concussions, I’m lucky I can remember to get up in the morning!

            • Steve, you’re ab-so-lute-ly freaking right we need more players. But at our age, who has the stamina to pound the streets–for players, that is! And yes, as you can see, I DID remember to get up this morning!

            • You, not getting up before me? Did you forget you’re three hours ahead of me? And I’ll bet your son’s glad you remembered that you still have him, eh?
              Thirty years ago we had a mid-Summer family outing with both Melinda and Robbie to see the dinosaur fossils, etc., near Drumheller, Alberta. About twenty minutes after leaving a wayside watering stop, my wife asked me, “Where’s Robbie?”
              Somehow he was left behind, so we raced back to find him entertaining the locals, although he did wonder where we’d gone….

  2. That explains a lot of my mornings – ha!

  3. Whoa, and I thought that I side track myself at times. ROFL I am norrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrmalllllllllll . yes I am!!!!……………….for now :-))


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