Again, the Bare Arms

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It’s December.
The temperature in Washington, D.C., is 42° F and will dip to 33° tonight.
But Michelle Obama simply must bare her arms at the White House Christmas Tree ceremony.

She’ll bare her arms even when it’s 20° below zero….
Afterall, when asked by Barbara Walters (in the upcoming interview to be aired tomorrow) if she’s sick of people talking about her “toned” arms, Michelle did admit without a trace of self-awareness:

“No, I will never get sick of people talking about my toned arms….bring it on.”

No narcissism there. None!

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0 responses to “Again, the Bare Arms

  1. Awww, now come on, be fair. At LEAST SHE AIN’T WEARIN’
    “THE BELT!”

  2. or her thong-

  3. Is she eating a cookie? tsk, tsk, tsk….

  4. What a conceited biatch!!!

  5. It’s no wonder Barack goes to gay bars.

  6. Janet,
    That was brutally cold. Frigid, even.
    -And LOL funny, too. 🙂

  7. Maybe she’s getting ready for the attire she’ll need to wear in hell.

  8. She is definitely no “Jackie Kennedy” when it comes to fashion. She hasn’t a clue.


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