After most deadly weekend of violence this year, Chiraq still racking up the shootings (24 as of Wednesday)

New Chiraq Mayor Lori Lightfoot is going to have her hands full…

Last weekend, Chiraq saw the worst weekend of gun violence so far this year. Fifty people were shot with 10 killed. Over Memorial Day weekend, 32 people were shot – 5 fatally.

When the homosexual, POC mayor Lori Lightfoot was elected, she proclaimed, “Well, get ready because reform is here. I campaigned on change, you voted for change, and I plan to deliver change to our government.”

Also, “…there’s no higher calling than restoring safety and peace in our neighborhoods” and promised to develop a more proactive strategy against violence.”

What has the good mayor been tweeting about since Memorial Day weekend?

“She got one! @LightfootForChi on summer safety tour stops for a quick game of #bags

“Her first act as mayor — signing an executive order limiting aldermanic power — in retrospect looks like what she had promised voters: the initial step of a long march to reform of City Hall.” #BringInTheLight”

I see Mayor Lightfoot retained her ball handling skills. Good to see her out at the season opener of the Chicago Sky. Now let’s get a win!”

“Our family – and many LGBTQ+ Chicagoans – are fortunate to live in a city that supported LGBTQ+ rights long before they were officially legal. That’s why, as mayor, I am so proud to represent all Chicago communities.

NOT ONE WORD about the gun violence throughout her city.

Meanwhile, the violence continues:

8 shot, 1 killed Monday in Chicago
9 shot, 1 killed Tuesday in Chicago
7 shot, 2 killed Wednesday in Chicago

Good luck, Chiraq. You’re going to need it!


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Dr. Eowyn

And not a word from #BlackLivesMatter, Obama, and the race pimps “Reverends” Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson….


Never mind that Chicago has turned into Bhengazi, it supports LGBTQ+ (Plus? Plus what?) “rights”. Let’s all throw confetti now. Talk about Nero fiddling while Rome burned. Actually Nero was probably her moral role model


And once this gets completely out of hand look for Loser Lori to try to make Chiraq a gun-free city. It has the strictest “gun-control” laws in the country and they’ll say, see, they don’t work, confiscation is the only solution


Come to think of it, the way things are going between abortions and murders the new negro generation is going to decrease by 50%.

Jackie Puppet

This shouldn’t surprise anybody – Lightfoot hates cops, and they’re responding in kind, by taking their time answering calls.