Adam Kokesh marched alone to D.C., July 4, with shotgun

Remember Adam Kokesh?

He’s an anti-war activist and non-combat veteran of the Iraq War. In May 2013, Kokesh called for armed marches by Americans on Washington, D.C. and on all 50 state capitals across the United States. (See “Who is Adam Kokesh? – the man calling for an armed American revolution.”)

Whatever we may think of Adam Kokesh — and there are some good reasons to be skeptical and wary about him — the man has cojones.

Today, on the 237th anniversary of the first July 4th Independence Day, Kokesh marched, alone, to Washington, D.C., armed with a large shotgun.

Adam Kokesh

As recounted by Clash Daily:

[…] Adam Kokesh [stood] on a busy Washington DC street with the silhouette of the Capitol building behind him. I could hear lots of traffic in the background, and Adam was holding a large, twelve gauge pump shotgun about chest level. And then he spoke while loading the shotgun one round at a time.

“We will not be silent!

We will not obey!

We will not allow the government to destroy our humanity!

We are the final American revolution!

See you next Independence Day!”

Wow! In my last article I made the following statement: “Adam Kokesh has balls you could shoot through a cannon, and I have to respect that. He believes vehemently in his cause and is willing to go to prison for it.”

Apparently I was right on that one. Anyone who would load up right there on Freedom Plaza between the White House and the Capitol definitely has balls. And then just to remove all doubt he posted it on YouTube!

[…] I recall asking Adam this question in our last interview: “Are you concerned that other people won’t show up to stand beside you?”

Adam’s response was immediate and sure. “No. I’ll stand alone.”

And I’ll be darned if he didn’t go ahead and do it. Adam Kokesh marched armed on Washington DC all by himself. No one else put themselves in jeopardy. No one else stuck their head on the chopping block. It was just Adam Kokesh.

[…] It will be interesting to see what comes of Adam now. Will the feds hunt him down and arrest him … again? I’m not sure, but it will be fun to watch. Whether you’re for Adam and his methods or against him, one thing you have to admit:  The man does have flair.

But then again, perhaps the federal government has too much on its plate already to be bothered with one little man like Adam Kokesh. I remember asking Adam this question: “How can I no longer fear the government?”

His answer was immediate. “Stand up and make yourself more trouble than you’re worth. The federal government is a paper tiger, and without our consent they are powerless.”

Well, he’s definitely made plenty of trouble for the federal government and now the ball is in their court. […] Adam Kokesh … my hat is off to you. You are quite possibly the only man in Washington DC right now who keeps his promises.


Adam Kokesh is right. Look at what just happened in Egypt.

The Egyptian people had had enough of the Obama-supported Mohamed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood. They assembled by the tens of thousands in Cairo, demanding that Morsi step down. Morsi refused, the military overthrew him, and the people won — at least for now….


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Number 41
Number 41

Sorry, but have to consider….green screen.

Not everything is what it seems. Especially for someone in the biz Adam is in.


More on Kokesh from the milblog This Ain’t Hell, But You Can See It From Here:

Marine anti-war veteran may lose “honorable” status (Updated)


Along the lines of #41’s thought . It might be easy to have big brass ones when you know in advance YOU will not be bothered ! Just a random thought ………

Locke Enlode

As previously stated on this blog site… Agent Provocateur, end of story!


There is no way I will trust this guy. Our shadow government is drooling for a chance to declare martial law. And due to the honorable behavior of most conservatives, they need people like Mr. Kokesh to create a fake revolution. No trust. No way.


I totally agree with you my friend, Kokesh is all over the landscape when it comes to his true motives/allegiances.

Number 41
Number 41

I was sincerely hoping that 1wanderingtruthseeker actually went to film. (Dr. E, why did you remove all those exchanges with her?) But then, she may have been waiting where Adam said he would be starting the “march” – cause he ain’t there in this video. He said: “we will muster at the National Cemetery & at noon we will step off to march across the Memorial Bridge, down Independence Avenue, around the Capitol, the Supreme Court, & the White House, then down Constitution Avenue to peacefully return to Virginia across the Memorial Bridge”. It would be very odd that NOBODY… Read more »


I know enough about chroma ‘aka green screen’ that it is not. Just saying….

Alice Wolf
Alice Wolf

The voice crying in the wilderness………………………………
Amen to Mr Kokesh Walk on water my brother………..
The force be with you and all that good stuff.
Onward Christian soldiers…………………wake up you lot!
Smell the coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!