Amy Schumer declares on TV she would perform oral sex on lesbian Lily Tomlin

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This is a new low even for depraved Hollywood.
Amy Schumer, 34, is an actress/comedienne and niece of Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY). An advocate for gun control, she was named one of Time magazine’s 100 most influential people in 2015.
At the 21st Annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 17, 2016, accepting the award for “Best Actress in a Comedy,” Schumer declared to lesbian actress Lily Tomlin (1:02 mark):

“I would love to go down on you”

“Go down on” is a slang expression for cunnilingus.
The awards were broadcast live during prime time on A&E, Lifetime and LMN, which meant children were watching.
When has American culture become so utterly crude and vulgar?
A fish rots from the head down. I’ve said before that I believe a portal to Hell was opened when Barack Obama was elected president.

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0 responses to “Amy Schumer declares on TV she would perform oral sex on lesbian Lily Tomlin

  1. Hollyweird just loves to promote the nastiest girls. First it was Lena Dunham now it’s this womyn. Ugly inside and out!

  2. I hope Lily has (and I’m sure she DOES) enough class to keep this flake far away from her..I’ve always liked Lily Tomlin as an actress,and hate to see her even mentioned in this context.

  3. why is everyone and everything in hollyweird about sex? what ever happened to a little mystery?

    • “In America, sex is an obsession. In the rest of the world, simply a fact.” —Marlene Dietrich
      I agree with you, SMSM, but I’m afraid the mystery went out the window with the 1960’s.

  4. I think you are correct that a portal of hell opened when Obama was put in our Presidential office. America has never been more divisive, unbalanced, immoral and depraved, vicious, unprotected, addicted to and accepting of lying and twisting the truth of others, have millions out of work or working part time, can’t believe a word he says, and the list goes on and on. (Isn’t this the description of the anti-Christ?) He really believes he’s a God and savior just like Gyorgy Schwartz aka George Soros with his every word turning out to be a lie. His entire administration is completely corrupt and they let off their people from very disturbing crimes committed. He and his people are attempting to corrupt and completely destroy the souls of America’s citizens until there will be nothing Godly in them – they’ll be just empty shells with empty consciousnesses. And, Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton aren’t any different and could possibly be worse. God bless America – we implore your divine assistance and guidance in electing your choice of our next President.

    • My prayer is for God to have MERCY on the U.S. Why would He bless us while we are awash in sin and degradation? God allowed Obama to be elected twice (2nd time allowed him to cheat his way in) and has His reasons. Perhaps the ‘tares’ have to be tall enough to be seen and torn out? I’d LOVE to see them ALL torn out and burned!! I’m SICK about what my nation has become but it’s no surprise to God. So yes… may He have MERCY upon us or will be completely destroyed!

  5. just added to my growing list of real reasons to boycott the oscars…
    no parent should allow their children to watch that trash

  6. I agree about the portal to Hell being opened on the election of Obama.
    Interestingly, I remember Pat Robertson lamenting the second election of Bill Clinton. He said he believed the voters failed God’s litmus test because they had knowingly elected a grossly immoral man. Clinton’s corruption was by that time no secret, and America elected him anyway, no excuse.
    How much more so, both elections of Barack Obama (or whatever its name is)?

  7. Well, this old lady out here in Portland, Oregon dropped her chin into her lap at reading of that filth being uttered on national tv. I would be mortified if I were Lily Tomlin, I cannot imagine her bandying about like this–thinking that is showed wit and class. The exact opposite is true. Shame on this piece of garbage for forcing that on the public.

  8. When did Tonya Harding become gay??

  9. She’s a disgusting PIG!!!!!!

  10. What do you expect from a magazine that has been pushing, promulgating, propagandizing for, and jus generally leading the charge for the homsexualisation of our nation??I’d guess many of their staff are queer as Hillesbian Clinton. If she’s so hot to give head, I’m sure there are a lot of guy’s on Skid Row who’d just love to take her up on it. What a slut.

  11. I agree with Chulai1968 as I was there too.
    This bimbo actress must really be hard up for an Oscar.
    She is a low life like her miserable uncle.

  12. When did American culture get so vulgar ? I’m no defender of BO but please let’s be real here. These sluts Dunham and Schumer are Jewish as well as the vulgar Sarah Silverman. And who runs Hollywood ? It ain’t a bunch of “White men” as Jada Smith claims. If E. Michael Jones can be brave enough to say it, so can I, and so should everyone else or we can just kiss what’s left of our people, our culture, and our religion goodbye. Jones says we no longer have a Christian culture, we have a Jewish culture. And that is the truth. Just what the demon inspired Frankfurt school set out to do, they have accomplished- ” to make Western so rotten that it would stink and die”.
    E. Michael Jones “A Goy Guide to World History”.

  13. Whatever happened to having some dignity and privacy and mystery in ones sexual life?
    To be so blatant and vulgar is not a virtue.
    If she thinks she is cute or this will help her career. I think she just stepped in a great big pile of doo doo .

  14. And progressives left/liberal nuts wonder why the Muslim world wants to destroy us before the freakiness spreads…

  15. I look back on my childhood and the kids I went to school with. (This was from 1962 to 1970). Looking back on it, we all had dirty mouths—and this was in a Catholic school, the old-fashioned kind, where the nuns beat the daylights out of us!
    But looking back on it, I know I got it from the other kids, and the other kids got it from their older brothers, or other kids in a public school yard, or on their block. Our parents (to the best of my knowledge) would never tolerate it. But my point is that we would talk, but that was it. We would never force anything. The Sexual Revolution was in full swing, and Playboy magazine and Hugh Hefner were still making news.
    As a teacher, I found out that students of high school age were getting pregnant, on purpose, impregnating others, on purpose or by accident, and doing all sorts of things—because they had their parents pinned down: What were the parents going to do, throw them out on the street?
    My point is this: When Bill Clinton made the news with Monica Lewinsky, some pondered the point, Is Bill Clinton the CAUSE of the (then) current debauchery, or was he merely a BAROMETER of it? Because his debauchery had to have a cause: It did not simply happen out of the blue. (I know this doesn’t excuse it—nothing can).
    In economics, there is Gresham’s Law, which states that an economy can be backed up by either silver or gold, but not both: The “bad” money would drive out the “good.” The same has been happening to the ENTIRE CULTURE of the West for some 50 years now. Think of Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan’s “Defining Deviancy Down”: The DEVIANT has become the NORM.
    Bill Clinton did not “just happen.” Lena Dunham did not “just happen.” Amy Schumer has not “just happened.” They happened with cause, and if people don’t rebel against this moral nihilism and corrosion, it WILL get worse.
    But which way does it flow—from the top down, or the grass roots up? The devil is in the details! It’s hard to tell! But the average man on the street does not have a clean mind: The millenial hipsters are open about it, the middle-aged are more reserved about it, and the oldsters, for the most part, have their thinking corrupted.
    THE ENTIRE CULTURE IS CORRUPTED. Is there a Jeremiah to warn us? (Do we even qualify as Ninevah?) And it’s so corrupted, that even pre-teen kids don’t even need to hear about this latest episode: There have been news reports of KINDERGARTENERS engaging in sexual activity in schools!
    The entire World is headed toward a moral Apocalypse, and the decent people left are being fed to the lions (figuratively, for now). The World needs a fortuitous EPISODE where a Telemachus can refuse this moral garbage in such a way that everyone wakes up. (Telemachus, to my knowledge, refused to bow to Caesar in the arena in an episode that ended the feeding of Christians to the lions).

    • And yet God tarries, wanting all that will to be saved… before He SLAMS this Earth (not just our nation) with the judgements that are reserved for it. Some of us Christians will manage to miss having our heads severed from our bodies and some will not. Which ever way I go I can’t WAIT to be outta here and OFF of this depraved planet until after Jesus begins His rule!

      • Joanne . . . I am with you. We look all around and all about, and everything is corrupted by such moral filth.

  16. Proof that big money cannot buy class, elegance, dignity and refinement.

  17. jews have blasphemed Jesus in the past and still do so, even on national tv…in the name of “comedy” (hmmmm just like schumer and silverstein, and others) I guess if they think it’s “funny”, then all’s fair game.
    this episode is from a cartoon channel that children could easily watch, even though it’s called ‘robot chicken on adult swim’, they titled this episode ‘the 33 year old virgin’ and people were ‘loving’ it (almost 900 likes) because they thought it was “funny” to watch the “buddies” of “jesus” teach him how to pick up females and laugh at the “shroud of turin” outlined in body hair instead of blood:

    this video is from a “cartoon” show called ‘family guy’ and it’s titled ‘the 2000 year old virgin’ and they portray “jesus” as a sex maniac who convinces married women to sleep with him (adultery), this is what hollyweird calls “humor”:

    These videos, and many more like them, are neither “funny” nor “humorous”. Both videos share commonalities: blaspheming our Lord and Savior; making light of intimacies between man and woman; are easily accessible and viewed by children; are obsessing with sex; normalizes blaspheming God as if God is “ok” with it; and the creators, writers, producers are jewish. I guess we’ll see how hard they laugh when judgement day comes.

  18. Satan smiled when Obama was elected!

  19. There is only one word that accurately describes the inappropriate sexual comments made: demonic!


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